How to Use PicsArt App - PicsArt Editing Tutorial

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20 Dec 202019:07

TLDRThis tutorial offers a comprehensive guide on how to use the PicsArt app, starting with setting up an account and navigating the social features. It then delves into a basic photo editing tutorial, showcasing the app's various editing tools and how to apply them. The video also covers how to participate in design challenges, remix photos, and discover content through hashtags and user searches. Finally, it guides viewers on how to export or share their edited photos directly from the app, making it an informative resource for both beginners and those looking to enhance their PicsArt skills.


  • 📱 **Account Setup**: Begin by creating an account in the PicsArt app, which can be done via email or through social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or Apple ID.
  • 🔧 **App Settings**: Customize your profile and explore various settings such as syncing contacts, enabling iCloud sync, and managing edit history.
  • 📷 **Photo Editing Tools**: Familiarize yourself with the editing tools available in PicsArt, including crop, stretch, and perspective correction tools.
  • 🎨 **Adjustment Features**: Use the adjustment tools to manually tweak aspects like contrast, saturation, and color temperature for personalized edits.
  • 👩‍🎤 **Retouching**: Experiment with retouching features to change hair color, eye color, and skin tone, or for blemish fixes and smoothing effects.
  • 📌 **Adding Elements**: Enhance your images with the addition of stickers, text, callouts, and brushes to create unique and engaging visuals.
  • 🏆 **Participate in Challenges**: Engage with the PicsArt community by participating in challenges, which can lead to winning prizes like free PicsArt Gold memberships.
  • 🔄 **Remix Feature**: Utilize the remix feature to edit other users' photos and allow others to remix your own, fostering creativity and collaboration.
  • 🔎 **Discover Tab**: Use the discover tab to search for hashtags, interests, and users to find inspiration and follow other creators.
  • 📁 **Template Gallery**: Access a variety of templates for creating collages, graphic designs, and other projects, tailored to different social media aspect ratios.
  • 💬 **Social Interaction**: PicsArt functions as a social platform; interact with other users by following, liking, and commenting on their work.
  • 💾 **Exporting Options**: After editing, choose to save your work privately to your device or post it to your PicsArt timeline, with options to add hashtags and descriptions.

Q & A

  • What is the first step to start using the PicsArt app?

    -The first step to start using the PicsArt app is to create an account. This can be done by pressing the 'create an account' button and following the signup process with an email address or by signing up with your Facebook, Snapchat, or Apple ID.

  • How can you customize your profile in PicsArt?

    -You can customize your profile in PicsArt by going to the 'edit profile' section where you can change your username, name, email address, and password. You can also upload a new profile photo by choosing an image from your camera roll or importing from Facebook.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Challenges' page in PicsArt?

    -The 'Challenges' page in PicsArt is a social feature where users can participate in community-driven creative challenges. These challenges involve creating certain types of designs or artworks based on specific rules, and anyone can submit their work for a chance to win prizes, such as a free PicsArt Gold membership.

  • How can you edit a photo in PicsArt?

    -To edit a photo in PicsArt, you first upload the photo and then use the various editing tools available at the bottom of the screen. These tools include crop, stretch, perspective, enhance, adjust, retouch, and the ability to add stickers, text, and callouts.

  • What is the 'PicsArt Gold' subscription?

    -PicsArt Gold is a premium subscription that offers additional features, more editing tools, and access to a wider range of templates. It can be upgraded from the settings page within the app.

  • How can you participate in a challenge on PicsArt?

    -To participate in a challenge, you can click on the challenge and read the description. Then, you use the editing tools to create a submission based on the challenge rules. After making your edits, you can submit your work by clicking the 'next' button and following the submission process.

  • What is the 'Discover' tab used for in PicsArt?

    -The 'Discover' tab is used for searching hashtags and different interests within the PicsArt community. Users can follow hashtags, discover new trends, and find inspiration from other users' graphic designs.

  • How can you remix someone else's photo in PicsArt?

    -To remix someone else's photo, you can find a photo you like, click on the 'remix' option, and the app will import the image. You can then use the editing tools to make your own changes and create a unique version of the photo.

  • What are the different options for posting an edited photo on PicsArt?

    -After editing a photo, you can choose to save the edit to your device or post it on the PicsArt social platform. When posting, you can add hashtags, descriptions, and decide whether to allow others to make replays of your edit.

  • How can you adjust the color temperature of a photo in PicsArt?

    -You can adjust the color temperature of a photo by using the 'adjust' tool, specifically the 'color temperature' slider. Sliding to the right will make the image warmer, while sliding to the left will make it cooler.

  • What is the 'erase' feature used for in the editing process?

    -The 'erase' feature allows you to remove or undo specific parts of the changes made by the app during the editing process. This can be useful for fine-tuning the edits and retaining certain aspects of the original image.

  • How can you add text or stickers to a photo in PicsArt?

    -To add text or stickers, you can select the 'text' or 'stickers' tool from the editing menu. You can then choose from various designs, resize, and position them on the photo as desired before applying the changes.



📱 Setting Up and Navigating the Pixart App

The first paragraph introduces the viewer to the Pixart app, guiding them through the process of creating an account, either via a traditional sign-up process with an email address or through integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or Apple ID. It also touches on the app's interface, including the dynamic homepage that changes daily with new images. The paragraph then delves into the settings page, where users can edit their profiles, connect their social media accounts, and manage their account preferences such as syncing contacts, enabling iCloud sync, and controlling edit history uploads. The social aspect of the app is emphasized through features like following other users and viewing an Instagram-style feed of their activities.


🎨 Exploring the Editing Tools and Participating in Challenges

This paragraph focuses on the editing capabilities of the Pixart app, starting with the challenges feature which encourages users to create designs based on specific rules and submit their work for community engagement and potential prizes. It explains how to participate in these challenges and view other users' submissions and profiles. The paragraph also covers the app's remix feature, which allows users to take and edit other people's images, and the discover tab, which helps users find content based on hashtags or interests. The speaker then demonstrates how to upload and edit a photo, highlighting the cropping tool's various options for different social media aspect ratios and the free crop feature for more precise editing.


🔍 Advanced Editing Techniques and Features

The third paragraph delves into more advanced editing tools within the Pixart app. It covers the auto-crop feature that recognizes faces and other elements, the lasso tool for detailed selection, and the warp tool for adjusting the perspective or stretching parts of an image. The paragraph also discusses the adjust feature for manual tweaking of contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights, and color temperature. Additionally, it introduces the retouch feature for changing hair, eye, and skin colors, as well as blemish fixes and smoothing effects. The use of stickers, text, and callouts to enhance images is also explained, along with the ability to undo and redo edits.


📘 Final Touches and Sharing Options

The final paragraph wraps up the tutorial by discussing additional editing features such as brushes for drawing on images and the option to save or post the edited image directly to the user's social media timeline on the Pixart app. It explains the replay feature, which allows others to view and copy the edits made to an image, and the process of adding hashtags and descriptions before posting. The paragraph concludes with a call to action for viewers to subscribe for more helpful content and a prompt to check the description for additional video and photo editing tutorials.



💡PicsArt App

PicsArt App is a versatile photo editing and social media platform that allows users to create, edit, and share images. In the video, the host guides viewers through setting up an account, navigating the app's features, and using its editing tools to enhance photos.

💡Account Creation

Account Creation refers to the process of setting up a new user profile within an application. In the context of the video, viewers are shown how to create an account with PicsArt by using an email address or by linking to an existing social media account like Facebook or Snapchat.

💡Editing Tools

Editing Tools are features within the PicsArt App that enable users to modify and enhance their photos. The video covers various tools such as cropping, stretching, and perspective adjustment, demonstrating how they can be used to achieve different visual effects.

💡Social Features

Social Features are aspects of the PicsArt App that facilitate interaction and sharing among users. The script mentions the ability to connect with Facebook, follow other users, and view an Instagram-style feed of images posted by those users.


Challenges on PicsArt are community-driven contests that encourage users to create designs or artworks based on specific themes or rules. The video explains how users can participate in these challenges, submit their work, and view the submissions and winners of others.


Remix in the context of PicsArt refers to the feature that allows users to take an existing image created by another user and modify it to create a new version. The video demonstrates how to access and use the remix feature to edit and personalize photos.

💡Discover Tab

The Discover Tab is a section within the PicsArt App where users can search for hashtags, interests, and other users' profiles. It serves as a way to explore content and find inspiration within the PicsArt community, as well as to connect with other users.

💡Adjustment Tools

Adjustment Tools are used to manually tweak various aspects of an image, such as contrast, saturation, and color temperature. The video provides an overview of how these tools can be used to refine the visual appeal of photos.

💡Retouch Feature

The Retouch Feature in PicsArt allows users to make more detailed adjustments to their images, such as changing hair color, eye color, and skin tone. The video shows how this feature can be used to enhance or alter the appearance of individuals in photos.

💡Stickers, Text, and Callouts

Stickers, Text, and Callouts are additional elements that can be added to images for decorative or expressive purposes. The video explains how to incorporate these elements into photos to create a more personalized or communicative result.

💡Exporting and Posting

Exporting and Posting refers to the process of saving an edited image to the device or sharing it on social media platforms directly from the PicsArt App. The script covers how users can choose to keep their edits private or make them public within the PicsArt community.


Complete tutorial on using the PicsArt app, covering account setup, social features, basic editing, and exporting or posting photos.

Option to sign up with an email or social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, or Apple ID.

Customizable profile settings, including username, name, email, password, and avatar.

Social media integration, allowing users to connect their Facebook and view an Instagram-style feed.

In-app purchase option to upgrade to PicsArt Gold for additional features and editing tools.

Ability to sync contacts from your phone and enable iCloud sync for saved edits.

Participation in design challenges within the PicsArt community, with opportunities to win prizes.

Remix feature allows users to edit and customize other users' images.

Discover tab for exploring hashtags, interests, and following other users for graphic design inspiration.

Various editing tools available, including crop, stretch, warp, and perspective correction.

Auto-enhance feature attempts to improve the image, with manual adjustment options for fine-tuning.

Retouch feature for changing hair color, eye color, and skin tone, with自动识别 (automatic recognition) of parts of the image.

Addition of stickers, text, and callouts to images for creative expression.

Brush tool for drawing on images with various effects and styles.

Option to save edited images privately to the device or post directly to PicsArt.

Replays feature allows others to view and edit the user's work, promoting a collaborative editing community.

Guidance on how to add hashtags and descriptions for social media sharing within the app.

Link to more helpful videos for photo and video editing in the description for extended learning.