I Remade Blocks into Mobs

29 Feb 202417:19

TLDRIn this imaginative and creative video, the narrator transforms various Minecraft blocks into unique and lively mobs. Starting with a bone block that's reimagined as a skeletal Wanderer mob with a spiky mouth, hunchback, and purple head covering, the video continues to bring each block to life. An amethyst block becomes an amethyst Miner with a long nose and pointy ears, a redstone block turns into a redstone moth with glowing antennae, and a cobblestone block becomes a Gobblestone, a large, slow-moving creature. Further creations include a Snow Golem, a Cherry log transformed into a fairy-like creature, a Prismarine block into a deep-sea creeper, an Obsidian block into a volcanic snail, a Coral block into a coral crab, a Skull block into a skull spider, and finally, a Grass block into a giant Earth Beast. Each mob is given a humorous rating out of 10 based on their appearance and interaction with the environment, adding a playful critique to the creative process.


  • 🦴 The creator transformed a bone block into a 'Skeletal Wanderer' mob with spiky teeth and a hunchback, adding a purple head covering and detailed texturing.
  • 🧵 For the 'Amethyst Miner', the amethyst block was altered to include a long nose, pointy ears, and amethyst clusters, signifying its mining role.
  • 🔴 A redstone block was crafted into a 'Redstone Moth' with bug eyes, redstone antenna, and wings, exhibiting a challenging behavior to control in the game.
  • 🥄 The 'Gobblestone', made from a cobblestone block, was designed as a large, slow-moving mob with a four-fingered fist and mossy texture, effective for mining.
  • ❄️ A snow block was envisioned as a 'Snow Golem' with a carved pumpkin head, coal buttons, and the ability to turn terrain into snow as it moves.
  • 🍒 Using a cherry log, a 'Cherry Fairy' mob was conceptualized with a flower crown, wings made from saplings, and a bark-like texture, offering cherries as a trade.
  • 🌊 A prismarine block was turned into a 'Deep Sea Creeper' with fish-like features and gills, struggling to navigate on land but fast in water, and dangerous.
  • 🐌 Obsidian was crafted into a 'Volcanic Snail' with a pointy shell, magma details, and an erupting volcano texture on its shell, but was found to be too small.
  • 🦀 A coral block was fashioned into a 'Coral Crab' with a vibrant blue body, pointy legs, and a large pincher, which proved to be wild and unfriendly.
  • 🕷️ The skull block was reimagined as a 'Skull Spider' with deep dark block legs, bright blue eyes, and tendrils, but was highly volatile and aggressive.
  • 🌿 Lastly, a grass block was transformed into a 'Giant Earth Beast' with a massive head, stony toes, and a dirt tail, serving as a fertilizer for crops in the game.

Q & A

  • What was the first block transformed into a mob in the script?

    -The first block transformed into a mob was the bone block, which was turned into a skeletal Wanderer mob.

  • What unique feature was added to the Skeletal Wanderer mob?

    -A hunchback was added as a unique feature to the Skeletal Wanderer mob.

  • How did the creator describe the amethyst Miner's hat?

    -The amethyst Miner's hat was described as a weirdly shaped hat that somewhat resembled a witch hat.

  • What material was used to create the sharp pickaxe for the amethyst mob?

    -More amethyst was used to create a very sharp pickaxe for the amethyst mob.

  • What was the main challenge when creating the Redstone mob?

    -The main challenge was the Redstone mob's legs getting stuck in the ground, making it difficult for it to move properly.

  • What was the name given to the cobblestone-based mob?

    -The cobblestone-based mob was named a 'gobblestone'.

  • How did the creator rate the snow golem's ability to move?

    -The creator gave the snow golem a rating of six out of ten, noting that they do not want the snow golems to be able to move freely as it could lead to them taking over the world.

  • What was the rating given to the cherry log-based mob?

    -The cherry log-based mob, referred to as the fairy cherries, was given a rating of 7.3 out of ten for being the cutest so far.

  • What unique feature did the deep sea creeper have?

    -The deep sea creeper had a classic Creeper face and gills, and it moved slowly on land but struggled to find water.

  • What was the volcanic snail's shell made of?

    -The volcanic snail's shell was made of obsidian, with a magma block as the other main part of the mob.

  • What was the final rating given to the skull spider mob?

    -The skull spider mob received a rating of 1 out of 10 due to being highly volatile and dangerous.

  • What was the purpose of the grass block mob in the amethyst miners' village?

    -The grass block mob was used to spread nutrients and help crops grow in the amethyst miners' village, earning a rating of 9.2 out of 10.



🎮 Minecraft Mob Transformations

The video script details a creative process of transforming various blocks in Minecraft into unique mobs. The creator starts by turning a bone block into a skeletal Wanderer mob with spiky teeth and a hunchback, then moves on to crafting an amethyst Miner with a long nose and pickaxe. A redstone moth with bug eyes and antenna is also created, followed by a gobblestone, a large and slow mob. The script continues with the creation of a snow golem, cherry Alay, deep sea creeper, volcanic snail, coral crab, skull spider, and a giant Earth Beast. Each creation is given a rating based on its appearance and functionality within the game.


🧊 Snow Golem and Cherry Alay Creations

The script describes the creation of an enhanced snow golem with a carved pumpkin, stick fingers, and coal buttons, which is given a texture of ice crystals. The cherry Alay, a fairy-like creature, is made from a cherry log with bark claws and a flower crown. It is portrayed as friendly and is able to trade cherries with the player. The deep sea creeper is a large fish-like mob with a Creeper face, fins, and gills, which moves slowly on land but struggles to find water.


🐌 Volcanic Snail and Coral Crab Adventures

The video script features the creation of a volcanic snail from obsidian and magma blocks, with an erupting volcano on its shell. The coral crab is made from a coral block, with a vibrant blue body, pointy legs, and a large pincher. It is portrayed as a wild and dangerous creature that drops brain coral when defeated. The skull spider is crafted from deep dark blocks with bright blue eyes and tendrils, and is shown to be highly volatile and aggressive.


🌿 Grass Block Mob's Agricultural Contribution

The final paragraph describes the transformation of a grass block into a giant Earth Beast, which is used to help crops grow in an amethyst miners' village. The mob is depicted as a large creature that can blend into its surroundings and is capable of spreading nutrients to aid in the growth of crops. It is given a high rating for its positive impact on the village's agriculture.




Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios, where players can build, explore, and interact with a dynamically generated world made of blocks. In the context of the video, the creator is using Minecraft as a platform to transform game blocks into unique mob characters, showcasing creativity within the game's mechanics.

💡Skeletal Wanderer Mob

A 'Skeletal Wanderer Mob' refers to a custom creature that the video's creator has designed, inspired by the game's existing skeleton mobs but with a unique twist. The term 'mob' in Minecraft refers to a mobile entity that can move and interact within the game world. The Skeletal Wanderer Mob is a creative interpretation of a bone block, given life and character in the video.

💡Amethyst Miner

The 'Amethyst Miner' is another custom mob concept in the video, which is a play on the game's mining mechanics and the use of amethyst blocks. This mob is designed to resemble a miner character, with features and tools that would be fitting for a character whose purpose is to mine amethyst, adding a layer of humor and creativity to the game.

💡Redstone Moth

The 'Redstone Moth' is a creatively designed mob that is inspired by the redstone block, a key component in Minecraft for powering mechanisms and contraptions. The Redstone Moth is depicted as a moth-like creature attracted to redstone, adding a fantastical element to the game's redstone mechanics.


A 'Gobblestone' is a humorous term coined in the video for a mob that is a play on the cobblestone block, which is one of the most basic building materials in Minecraft. The Gobblestone is depicted as a large, hungry creature that consumes cobblestone, adding a whimsical narrative to the game's block types.

💡Snow Golem

A 'Snow Golem' is a well-known mob in Minecraft that is typically created by players using snow blocks. In the video, the creator takes this concept further by designing a more detailed and animated Snow Golem, with the ability to turn the environment into snow, adding a magical and dynamic element to the game.

💡Cherry Lock Dog Mob

The 'Cherry Lock Dog Mob' is a unique creature designed in the video using cherry log blocks and saplings. It is a playful fusion of a fairy-like creature with a cherry tree theme, which is a creative extension of the game's flora and fauna, and it adds a sense of fantasy and charm to the Minecraft world.

💡Deep Sea Creeper

The 'Deep Sea Creeper' is a custom mob that takes the game's iconic Creeper mob and reimagines it as a deep-sea creature using prismarine blocks. This adaptation plays with the game's aquatic mechanics and adds a new dimension to the Creeper's character, making it a part of the underwater environment.

💡Volcanic Snail

A 'Volcanic Snail' is a creative concept where the creator uses obsidian blocks and magma to design a snail-like mob that has an erupting volcano as part of its shell. This mob brings together elements of the game's volcanic terrain and snail creatures, creating a unique and dangerous character within the game world.

💡Coral Crab Mob

The 'Coral Crab Mob' is a sea creature designed from coral blocks, featuring vibrant colors and a crab-like appearance. It is a creative addition to the game's underwater life, incorporating the aesthetic of coral reefs and the behavior of hermit crabs, contributing to the diversity of Minecraft's fauna.

💡Skull Spider

A 'Skull Spider' is a frightening mob concept that uses deep dark blocks and skull blocks to create a spider-like creature with a skull for a head. This mob adds a horror element to the game, playing on the game's existing mechanics of spiders and the eerie atmosphere of deep dark biomes.

💡Earth Beast

The 'Earth Beast' is a large, grass block-inspired creature that is designed to blend into the game's natural landscapes. It is a creative interpretation of the game's grass blocks, bringing them to life as a massive, earthy creature that can interact with the game's farming mechanics, adding a new layer of gameplay and storytelling.


Transformed a bone block into a skeletal Wanderer mob with spiky teeth and a hunchback.

Created a unique amethyst Miner with a long nose and incorporated amethyst clusters for added detail.

Designed a Redstone moth with bug eyes and red antennas, seeking out Redstone in the game.

Constructed a Cobblestone block into a 'gobblestone' monster with a giant jaw for eating stone.

Reimagined a snow block as a massive, immobile Snow Golem with a carved pumpkin head.

Assembled a cherry log into a fairy-like creature with wings made from cherry saplings.

Brought a prismarine block to life as a deep sea creeper with fish-like features and gills.

Morphed an obsidian block into a volcanic snail with a magma-filled shell and erupting texture.

Sculpted a coral block into a coral crab mob with vibrant blue body and pointy legs.

Formed a skull block into a skull spider with deep dark block legs and bright blue eyes.

Converted a grass block into a giant Earth Beast with a stony body and grassy details.

The skeletal Wanderer mob was rated 8 out of 10 for its unique design and functionality.

Amethyst Miner received a score of 9 out of 10 for its aesthetic appeal and in-game interaction.

Redstone moth was given an 8.5 out of 10 for its challenging behavior and visual appeal.

The gobblestone monster earned a 9 out of 10 for its slow but effective work in the game.

Snow Golem was scored at 6 out of 10 due to its immobility and limited interaction.

The cherry log fairy received a 7.3 out of 10 for its cuteness and thematic design.

Deep sea creeper was rated 8 out of 10 for its underwater behavior and unique appearance.

Volcanic snail got a 6 out of 10 for its small shell size but interesting concept.

Coral crab was given a 4 out of 10 for its vicious nature and limited friendliness.

Skull spider was scored a 1 out of 10 for being highly volatile and dangerous.

The grass block Earth Beast was awarded a 9.2 out of 10 for its ability to enhance crops and blend into the environment.