MASTERCLASS – On1 Photo Raw 2024

Anthony Morganti
11 Dec 202343:35

TLDRIn this masterclass video, Anthony Morganti introduces viewers to On1 Photo Raw 2024, a versatile photo editing software. He demonstrates how to import images from devices like cameras or memory cards and navigate to existing images on the system for editing. Anthony covers essential features such as applying metadata, using AI for keyword suggestions, and editing tools like tone and color adjustments, noise reduction, and sharpening. He also showcases the software's AI adaptive presets, the ability to replace skies, and dedicated portrait editing tools. The video emphasizes the non-destructive editing process, allowing users to experiment freely without altering the original images. Anthony provides helpful resources, including a free keyboard shortcut PDF, AI adaptive presets on sale, and discount codes for additional tools and the software itself.


  • πŸ“‚ On1 Photo RAW 2024 allows for importing images directly into the software or editing them directly from their location on the system.
  • πŸ–‡οΈ Importing images involves copying them from a device like a camera or memory card to a chosen folder on your system.
  • πŸ“ The software uses a cataloging system to improve performance, creating previews for images in a folder once it's cataloged.
  • πŸ” The Browse module is used for importing, navigating, and culling images, while the Edit module is for making adjustments to the images.
  • πŸ€– Brilliance AI is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to automatically edit images based on an analysis of their content.
  • πŸŒ„ Local adjustments can be made using brushes, gradients, and other tools to target specific areas of an image.
  • 🎨 Effects allow for the addition of various filters and adjustments, such as dynamic contrast, to enhance images.
  • πŸ“ Metadata can be added during the import process, including author information, copyright, and keywords generated by AI.
  • πŸ”„ ON1 Photo RAW 2024 provides options for resizing, sharpening, and choosing the file format during the export process.
  • πŸ‘€ The Portrait module offers AI tools specifically designed for editing portraits, including skin retouching and eye enhancement.
  • πŸ”„ The software is non-destructive, meaning it does not alter the original image and allows for resetting edits and starting over.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a masterclass on how to use On1 Photo Raw 2024, covering importing, editing, and exporting images.

  • Who is the presenter of the video?

    -Anthony Morganti is the presenter of the video.

  • What is the benefit of using the AI adaptive presets in On1 Photo Raw 2024?

    -AI adaptive presets in On1 Photo Raw 2024 allow for adjustments specific to different elements in a scene, such as sky, water, or land, providing more precise and tailored edits.

  • How can users import images into On1 Photo Raw 2024 from a device?

    -Users can import images into On1 Photo Raw 2024 by going to File and then Import from Device, selecting the device and images, and specifying a destination folder on their system.

  • What is the purpose of cataloging a folder of images in On1 Photo Raw 2024?

    -Cataloging a folder of images in On1 Photo Raw 2024 allows the software to create previews of the images, store them in the catalog, and render them faster for smoother performance.

  • How does the Brilliance AI feature in On1 Photo Raw 2024 assist with image editing?

    -Brilliance AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze the image and automatically apply edits, such as adjusting tone, color, and noise reduction, to improve the image quality.

  • What is the advantage of using the 'Perfect Eraser' tool in On1 Photo Raw 2024 for portrait editing?

    -The 'Perfect Eraser' tool uses AI to remove unwanted elements from a portrait, such as blemishes or stray hairs, while maintaining the natural texture and details of the skin.

  • How can users replace the sky in an image using On1 Photo Raw 2024?

    -Users can replace the sky by using the Sky tab, choosing a new sky from the available options or libraries, and adjusting the position, reflection, and appearance to blend seamlessly with the original image.

  • What is the significance of using non-destructive editing in photo software like On1 Photo Raw 2024?

    -Non-destructive editing allows users to make changes to images without altering the original file. This means that any edits are stored separately, and the original image remains untouched, providing the flexibility to revert to the original or experiment with different edits without risk.

  • How can users save on the purchase of On1 Photo Raw 2024 through the video?

    -Users can save on the purchase of On1 Photo Raw 2024 by using the discount code 'save five' provided in the video, which offers a $5 discount on the software.

  • What additional resources does Anthony Morganti offer to help users learn On1 Photo Raw 2024?

    -Anthony Morganti offers a free PDF with On1 Photo Raw keyboard shortcuts available for download from his website, as well as AI adaptive presets for sale with a current discount using the promo code.



πŸ“Ή Introduction to OnOne Photo RAW 2024

Anthony Morganti introduces the video as a masterclass for beginners on OnOne Photo RAW 2024. He explains that he will guide viewers on importing, editing, and exporting images using the software. Anthony also mentions the availability of a free keyboard shortcut PDF and AI adaptive presets on his website, with a current sale and discount code for viewers to benefit from.


πŸ–ΌοΈ Importing and Organizing Photos

The paragraph demonstrates how to import images into OnOne Photo RAW 2024 from a device like a memory card. It covers the process of copying images from an SD card to a specified folder on the system while applying metadata and using AI for keyword suggestions. Anthony also discusses the option to catalog folders to improve the software's performance and the various ways to review and tag images for further editing or deletion.


🎨 Editing Images with OnOne Photo RAW 2024

Anthony transitions to the editing module in OnOne Photo RAW 2024, highlighting the use of the Develop tab for basic adjustments. He discusses the application of Brilliance AI for quick edits and the manual editing process for more control. The paragraph also covers the use of local adjustments, effects, and AI Sky replacement tools within the software.


πŸŒ„ Adjusting Tone and Color

This section focuses on tone and color adjustments in OnOne Photo RAW 2024. Anthony describes the process of adjusting highlights, shadows, midtones, and the use of camera profiles. He also explains the difference between saturation and vibrance, and why vibrance might be preferred when editing images with people to avoid over-saturation of skin tones.


🌈 Applying Effects and Filters

The paragraph showcases the variety of effects available in OnOne Photo RAW 2024, with a focus on the dynamic contrast filter. Anthony also explains how to apply filters to specific parts of an image using AI masks and how to adjust the intensity and style of these effects. He demonstrates the process of editing a sky in an image with different styles and customization options.


πŸ“‚ Exporting Edited Images

Anthony guides viewers on how to export edited images from OnOne Photo RAW 2024. He discusses the export dialogue box, customizing export settings such as file format, quality, and resizing for specific platforms like Instagram. The paragraph also touches on the option to include metadata and the choice to not overwrite existing images during the export process.


🌟 Replacing Skies and Portrait Editing

The video concludes with a demonstration on replacing skies in landscape images using OnOne Photo RAW 2024. Anthony also highlights the portrait editing features of the software, including AI tools for skin, eyes, and lip enhancements. He discusses the use of healing tools like the magic eraser and healing brush to make precise adjustments and touch-ups to the portrait.


πŸ”„ Non-Destructive Editing and Conclusion

Anthony emphasizes the non-destructive nature of OnOne Photo RAW 2024, meaning the original image remains untouched, and all edits are stored within the software's catalog. He encourages viewers to practice editing with the software using their own images. The paragraph concludes with information on where to find additional resources, including a free PDF with keyboard shortcuts, presets, and discount codes for OnOne Photo RAW 2024 and other recommended products.



πŸ’‘On1 Photo Raw 2024

On1 Photo Raw 2024 is a photo editing software that provides a range of tools for enhancing and adjusting images. In the video, it is the central application being demonstrated for importing, editing, and exporting photos. The host, Anthony Morganti, uses it to showcase the process of photo enhancement, including the use of AI adaptive presets and various editing tools.

πŸ’‘AI Adaptive Presets

AI Adaptive Presets are pre-defined settings within On1 Photo Raw 2024 that automatically adjust to the specific characteristics of an image, using artificial intelligence. They are mentioned as a feature that does not work with previous versions and are highlighted for their ability to customize the editing process according to the content of the photo.

πŸ’‘Importing Images

Importing images refers to the process of transferring photos from a storage device, like a memory card, into the On1 Photo Raw 2024 software for editing. In the script, Anthony demonstrates how to import images by copying them from an SD card to a specified folder on the computer system.


Metadata is the descriptive information about a digital photo, such as the author's name, copyright details, and keywords that help categorize and search for the image. In the video, Anthony shows how to add metadata to images during the import process, enhancing their organization and searchability.

πŸ’‘Brilliance AI

Brilliance AI is an automated feature within On1 Photo Raw 2024 that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and enhance an image's tone, color, and details. It is presented as a time-saving tool that can quickly improve the look of a photo, although Anthony chooses to edit the images manually for the tutorial.


Cataloging in the context of On1 Photo Raw 2024 involves creating a database of images in a specific folder, which allows the software to render previews faster and improve performance. Anthony emphasizes the benefits of cataloging a folder before editing images it contains.

πŸ’‘Editing Modules

Editing modules in On1 Photo Raw 2024 are different sections of the software dedicated to specific types of image adjustments, such as Develop, Effects, and Portrait. These modules provide targeted tools to non-destructively edit various aspects of a photo, as demonstrated by Anthony when he edits a portrait and changes the sky in a landscape image.


Exporting is the process of saving an edited image from On1 Photo Raw 2024 to a file on the computer. The video covers how to export images in different formats (like JPEG) and with specific settings (such as resizing for Instagram), ensuring that the final image meets the user's requirements.

πŸ’‘Sky Replacement

Sky replacement is a feature in On1 Photo Raw 2024 that allows users to change the sky in a landscape photo with a different, often more dramatic, sky. Anthony demonstrates this by selecting a new sky from the software's library and adjusting its appearance to blend seamlessly with the original image.

πŸ’‘Portrait Tools

Portrait tools are a set of editing features specifically designed for enhancing portraits, such as skin retouching, eye brightening, and lip enhancement. The video showcases how these tools can be used to give a professional and polished look to portrait photos, with options to manually adjust each aspect of the subject's face.

πŸ’‘Non-Destructive Editing

Non-destructive editing is a principle in photo editing where the original image is never altered directly; instead, all changes are stored as separate instructions or layers. This approach, as mentioned by Anthony, ensures that the original photo remains intact and allows for flexible editing without the risk of permanent damage.


Anthony Morganti introduces a masterclass for On1 Photo Raw 2024, aimed at new users.

A free On1 Photo Raw keyboard shortcut PDF is available for download on Anthony's website.

On1 Photo Raw 2024 offers AI adaptive presets, which are not compatible with previous versions.

The video demonstrates two methods of importing images into On1 Photo Raw: direct import and navigating to the image's system location.

Images can be imported from a device like a camera or memory card during the initial process.

On1 Photo Raw allows users to rename files, add metadata, and utilize keyword AI during the import process.

Cataloging a folder of images can improve the performance of On1 Photo Raw by creating and storing previews.

The use of pick flags and keyboard shortcuts streamlines the image culling process.

Brilliance AI is a feature that automatically edits images using AI, providing a quick editing solution.

Local adjustments can be made using brushes, gradients, and other tools in the Edit module.

Effects can be added to images, with dynamic contrast being a popular choice for enhancing images.

AI adaptive presets allow for localized edits to specific elements within a scene, such as the sky or water.

The Sky replacement feature uses AI to automatically mask and replace the sky in an image.

Portrait tools in On1 Photo Raw 2024 provide dedicated AI enhancements for skin, eyes, lips, and hair.

The Perfect Eraser tool uses AI to remove unwanted elements from a photo, such as blemishes or stray hairs.

On1 Photo Raw is a non-destructive editor, meaning the original image remains untouched and edits are stored separately.

Anthony provides links to resources, presets, and discount codes in the video description for further learning and cost savings.