Midjourney SECRETS - More Midjourney Tips with Niji 6 and Style Reference

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4 Feb 202428:06

TLDRIn this video, the host dives into the world of Midjourney Mastery, exploring a variety of creative prompts to generate unique images using the AI tool. They discuss the capabilities of Midjourney's new version 6 and style reference feature, which allows users to upload a photograph for the AI to emulate its style. The host shares their experiments with different prompts, including creating vintage record album covers for a fictional band, generating thumbnails for a video on dating in your 50s, and recreating the style of a British graffiti artist named Hush. They also touch on the 'trashcore' style and the potential for creating compelling visuals with the tool. The video serves as both a tutorial and a showcase of the artistic possibilities with Midjourney, encouraging viewers to explore their own creativity with the technology.


  • 🎨 The video discusses the use of Midjourney prompts to create various styles of images, including anime, vintage, and cyberpunk themes.
  • 📸 The speaker shares their experiments with different prompts and how they've manipulated them to achieve desired results.
  • 🌟 Version 6 of Midjourney (nii 6) is highlighted for its anime and manga style, which is a trained reference that influences the output of images.
  • 📱 The video demonstrates the 'style reference' feature, where a user can upload a photograph to influence the style of the generated image.
  • 🖼️ The creation process of a thumbnail for a YouTube video about dating in your 50s is shown, using detailed prompts to generate an appropriate image.
  • 🎭 The speaker experiments with creating vintage record album covers for a band that never existed, using specific styles and eras as inspiration.
  • 🧑‍🎤 An example of using the Golden Age of Illustration style to create images of an older surfer is given, showcasing the artistic capabilities of Midjourney.
  • 🐒 The video includes a fun experiment of creating an image of a monkey wearing headphones in streetwear, demonstrating the versatility of the platform.
  • 🎭 The speaker discusses the 'trashcore' style and how it can be used to create expressive and edgy portraits.
  • 📀 The process of designing an album cover for an imaginary band named 'Art of Pain' is detailed, including the use of specific color schemes and styles.
  • 🧵 The impact of the 'textured surface layers' style on the outcome of images, particularly when creating a more realistic look, is explored.
  • 👵 The video concludes with a humorous take on the portrayal of a 40-year-old Japanese woman on a beach, noting the differences in style when using nii 6.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video 'Midjourney SECRETS - More Midjourney Tips with Niji 6 and Style Reference'?

    -The video focuses on exploring various prompts for image generation using Midjourney, showcasing the capabilities of the new Niji 6 version and the style reference feature, which allows users to upload a photograph and reference its style for image creation.

  • How does the 'Subscribe' element appear in the generated images?

    -The 'Subscribe' element is strategically placed in the generated images, such as on a T-shirt or in a corner, to encourage viewers to subscribe to the channel.

  • What is the significance of using 'Niji 6' in the creation of images?

    -Niji 6 is significant because it is specifically trained on anime and manga, which gives the generated images an authentic anime or manga style blend.

  • How does the video demonstrate the use of 'style reference' in image generation?

    -The video demonstrates the use of 'style reference' by uploading a photograph of artwork by a British graffiti artist named Hush, describing the picture, and then using that description as a reference to generate images in a similar style.

  • What is the role of the 'prompt' in image generation using Midjourney?

    -The 'prompt' is a descriptive input that guides the image generation process in Midjourney. It includes elements like the subject, desired style, and specific details that the user wants to be included in the final image.

  • How does the video experiment with different styles and themes in image generation?

    -The video experiments with different styles and themes by using various prompts, such as creating vintage record albums for a non-existent band, generating images for a YouTube thumbnail about dating in your 50s, and exploring dynamic action scenes with characters like Godzilla.

  • What is the 'Golden Age of Illustration' mentioned in the video?

    -The 'Golden Age of Illustration' refers to a period in the late 19th and early 20th centuries known for significant artistic achievements in book and magazine illustration, characterized by the combination of artistic quality with emerging technologies of the time.

  • How does the video use the 'ni6' style to create images of a Japanese woman relaxing on a beach?

    -The video uses the 'ni6' style by inputting a prompt describing a 40-year-old Japanese woman relaxing on a beach and specifying the 'ni6' style. The result is a series of images that reflect the anime and manga influence, with the woman depicted in a more youthful and stylized manner.

  • What is the purpose of the 'thumbnail' images created in the video?

    -The 'thumbnail' images are created to serve as eye-catching previews for videos on YouTube. They are designed to intrigue potential viewers and encourage them to click and watch the video.

  • How does the video showcase the versatility of Midjourney's image generation capabilities?

    -The video showcases the versatility of Midjourney's capabilities by generating a wide range of images across different styles, themes, and prompts, from anime-style portraits to vintage record album covers and dynamic action scenes.

  • What is the importance of the 'dynamic light' and 'augmented reality enhancements' mentioned in the video?

    -The 'dynamic light' and 'augmented reality enhancements' are important for creating a sense of depth and realism in the generated images. They contribute to the overall aesthetic and mood of the scene, making the images more visually appealing and engaging.



🖼️ Mid Journey Mastery and Creative Prompts

The video begins with the host discussing the use of mid Journey prompts to create various types of images. The host shares an example of how they transformed an initial prompt into a captivating full-length portrait of a female cyberpunk. They also mention experimenting with a new feature in nii version 6, which allows users to upload a photograph for style reference. The host's enthusiasm for the dynamism and anime-like quality of the generated images is evident, and they share their process of tweaking and refining prompts to achieve desired results.


🎭 Thumbnails and Style Exploration with Mid Journey

The host demonstrates the utility of Mid Journey in creating thumbnails for a video about dating in your 50s. They share several prompts generated by chat GPT and select one that features a man in his 50s surrounded by question marks and hearts. The host also explores the style reference feature by uploading a photograph by graffiti artist hush and generating an image in a similar style. They express excitement over the potential for creating art prints in various styles, including a dynamic scene featuring a red gorilla and a blend of traditional art with digital glitches.


🎨 Artistic Interpretations and Style References

The host delves into the use of Mid Journey to create art pieces inspired by specific styles. They mention a cyberpunk image created with a shout out to oron AI and discuss the process of aging up a character in a beach scene. The host also experiments with a style reference using a photograph by graffiti artist hush, noting the impressive results when the AI captures the style effectively. They further explore creating images in the style of video game characters from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, and attempt to create a Godzilla-themed image immersed in atomic power.


🏄‍♂️ Golden Age Illustrations and Surf's Up

The host showcases the Golden Age of illustration style and discusses its significance in art history. They then use this style to create images of an older surfer, highlighting the artistry and the ability of the style to capture the subject's inner thoughts. The host appreciates the detail and expression in the generated images and imagines the potential of such artwork for businesses like surf shops or cafes by the beach.


🎶 Creating a Vintage Punk Album Cover

The host reminisces about a time in school when they and their friends wanted to form a band, focusing more on the band's name than their musical abilities. They use this memory to create a vintage punk album cover for their hypothetical band, 'Art of Pain.' The host experiments with different styles and fonts to finalize the cover, expressing satisfaction with the final result, which includes newspaper-cutting style text and a monochrome color scheme.


👵 Exploring the Impact of Style on Imagery

The host explores how the choice of style in Mid Journey can drastically change the outcome of an image, using the example of a 40-year-old Japanese woman on a beach. They compare the results from different styles, noting that the nii style tends to make subjects appear younger and often in bikinis, which doesn't align with the initial prompt. The host concludes by emphasizing the power of Mid Journey and encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more content.




Midjourney refers to a stage or process in the middle of a journey or experience. In the context of the video, it likely refers to a specific software or tool used for creating images or art, possibly an AI-based image generator. The script discusses 'mid Journey Mastery' and 'mid Journey prompts,' which are likely terms related to using this tool effectively.

💡Niji 6

Niji 6 appears to be a version or update of the software mentioned earlier (Midjourney). It is significant because it introduces a new feature called 'style reference,' which allows users to upload a photograph and use it to influence the style of the generated images. The video discusses experimenting with this new feature and its impact on the output.

💡Style Reference

Style Reference is a feature that enables users to upload a photograph to the Midjourney tool and instruct it to use that photo as a reference for style in the generated images. This feature is highlighted in the video as a way to create images with a specific artistic style, as demonstrated by the various examples provided.


Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction that features advanced technological and scientific achievements, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. In the video, the term is used to describe a style of portrait that includes elements typical of this genre, such as a futuristic, high-tech environment.


A thumbnail in the context of the video refers to a small, representative image used to attract viewers to a video, often displayed on a video sharing platform like YouTube. The video discusses creating custom thumbnails for various video topics, including one about dating in your 50s.

💡Vintage Records

Vintage Records in the script refers to the concept of creating imaginary album covers for a band that never existed. It plays into a nostalgic theme, using styles and design elements reminiscent of classic LPs from the past, as the video creator experiments with generating these using the Midjourney tool.

💡Anime Style

Anime Style is a term used to describe a visual aesthetic associated with Japanese animation and manga. The video mentions that using 'nii 6' results in images with a distinct anime style, characterized by expressive eyes and a blend of traditional and high-tech elements.

💡YouTube Thumbnail

A YouTube Thumbnail is the custom image that represents a video on the YouTube platform. The video script discusses the process of creating a thumbnail for a specific video about dating in your 50s, using the Midjourney tool to generate images that could be used for this purpose.

💡Golden Age Illustration

Golden Age Illustration refers to a period of significant artistic achievement in book and magazine illustration during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The video discusses using this style as an influence for the generated images, capturing the artistic quality and the feel of that era.


Trashcore is a term mentioned in the video that seems to refer to a specific style of illustration or visual art. It is used to describe a particular aesthetic that is raw, expressive, and possibly incorporates elements of pop culture or a grungy, urban feel.


Risque refers to something that is slightly improper or daring, often in a humorous or provocative way. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the attempt to create a more mature or provocative image while maintaining a level of tastefulness.


Introduction to mid Journey Mastery with a focus on exploring various prompts and the new nii version 6 and style reference feature.

Demonstration of how to enhance a prompt to create a captivating thumbnail with a subscribe call to action.

Experimentation with different prompts to generate dynamic and interesting photographs with an anime style thanks to nii 6.

Creating vintage record album covers for a band that never existed by using specific prompts and style references.

Using style reference to mimic the style of a British graffiti artist called hush, showcasing the power of nii's style adaptation.

Generating YouTube thumbnails for a video about dating in your 50s with creative and engaging imagery.

Creating a fusion of reality and digital fantasy with prompts that blend traditional art with digital glitches.

Experimenting with prompts to generate powerful and heroic characters from video games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

Using Golden Age illustrations to create artistic and expressive portraits of an older surfer with depth and character.

Designing an album cover for an imaginary band called 'Art of Pain', showcasing the creative process from concept to visual.

Observing the impact of the nii style on the depiction of age and attire in generated images, particularly with Japanese women.

The transformative effect of using nii 6 on the style of images, leaning towards a more anime and manga aesthetic.

The importance of precise prompt crafting to avoid unintended outcomes in the generated images, such as unusual clothing.

The creative potential of mid Journey in generating diverse and unique content, as demonstrated through various experiments.

The practical application of mid Journey for content creators, offering innovative ways to produce thumbnails and visual content.

Encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more mid Journey Mastery content and live videos.