Midjourney V6 VS DALL•E 3: Prompt Battle & Full Review

AI Samson
26 Dec 202331:48

TLDRThe video script presents a comprehensive review and comparison between Midjourney V6 and DALL•E 3, two AI art generators. The comparison includes various challenges such as feature assessment, user interface comparison, prompt battle across different styles, speed of image generation, limitations, community engagement, and pricing. Midjourney V6 is praised for its photorealism, control over algorithm parameters, and active community, while DALL•E 3 is noted for its API availability and ability to handle complex prompts with detailed object relationships. The review concludes that the choice between the two depends on the user's specific needs, with Midjourney being more artist-centric and DALL•E offering a more technical approach within chat GPT.


  • 🎨 **Midjourney V6 and DALL•E 3 Comparison**: A detailed review and prompt battle between two AI art generators, Midjourney V6 and DALL•E 3, highlighting their features, user interfaces, and performance.
  • 🛠️ **Parameter Customization**: Midjourney V6 offers greater ability to change parameters within the algorithm, allowing for easier handling of aspect ratios and fine-tuning for specific needs.
  • 🌐 **Platform Usage**: Midjourney operates within Discord and is developing its own website, while DALL•E primarily uses a standalone website and can also be accessed through chat GPT.
  • 🔗 **API Availability**: DALL•E has an API available, whereas Midjourney's API is currently not available, which could be a deciding factor for some users.
  • ⚡ **Prompt Battle**: A series of prompts were used to compare the outputs of both AIs, revealing differences in detail, realism, and style.
  • 🏆 **Winners and Losers**: Midjourney V6 was favored for photorealism and landscapes, while DALL•E excelled in understanding complex relationships between objects and creating illustrated or painted styles.
  • 👥 **Community and Support**: Midjourney has a more active community and better communication with users, while DALL•E's community is still evolving.
  • 🔍 **Censorship and Content**: Both platforms are heavily censored, but DALL•E is more restrictive, not allowing images of famous people or using artists as inspiration.
  • 💲 **Pricing Models**: DALL•E is available with a chat GPT Plus subscription, while Midjourney offers tiered pricing based on GPU time and image generation capabilities.
  • 🚀 **Speed and Efficiency**: Midjourney has improved its speed with updates and provides multiple images per prompt, whereas DALL•E provides one image at a time.
  • 🌟 **Philosophical Differences**: Midjourney's outputs reflect a more nuanced and human-centric approach, while DALL•E presents a more positive and simplistic view of the world.

Q & A

  • What are the key differences between Midjourney V6 and DALL-E 3 in terms of features?

    -Midjourney V6 allows for greater ability to change parameters within the algorithm, easier handling of aspect ratios, and fine-tuning for specific needs. It also provides a more effective way to save and locate works within a personal gallery. DALL-E 3, on the other hand, operates mainly within the chat GPT format and has an API available, which Midjourney currently does not offer.

  • How do the user interfaces of Midjourney V6 and DALL-E 3 compare?

    -Midjourney V6 uses Discord as a platform for interaction and is also working on its own website for image saving and community exploration. DALL-E 3 primarily works within the chat GPT format and has a standalone website version, offering a slightly different user experience.

  • In the prompt battle, which platform performed better for photorealistic images?

    -Midjourney V6 performed slightly better in creating photorealistic images, showing more detail and a more refined color palette compared to DALL-E 3.

  • How did the platforms handle the seamless pattern prompt?

    -Both platforms did a good job with the seamless pattern prompt, but Midjourney V6 provided a better seamless integration with its pattern, making it more suitable for a repeating pattern.

  • What was the outcome of the logo design challenge?

    -Midjourney V6 won the logo design challenge by successfully merging a leaf and a lightning bolt into a more unified concept, although it was noted to be too detailed for a logo.

  • Which platform is better for creating images with specific relationships between objects?

    -DALL-E 3 is better at understanding and creating images with specific relationships between objects, making it a good choice for detailed and complex compositions.

  • How do the platforms differ in their approach to creating AI art?

    -Midjourney V6 offers a more atmospheric and moody approach, often with a more poetic and dramatic style. DALL-E 3 tends to produce images that are more saturated, happy, and shiny, reflecting a more censored and narrow view of reality.

  • What is the advantage of using DALL-E 3 within chat GPT?

    -The advantage of using DALL-E 3 within chat GPT is the ability to collaborate with a semi-conscious intelligence about your work, allowing for interactive evolution of prompts and a conversational approach to design.

  • How do the platforms compare in terms of speed of image generation?

    -The speed of image generation can vary based on demand, time of day, and complexity of the prompt. However, Midjourney V6 has released an update to improve speed, and it provides four images at a time, whereas DALL-E 3 provides one image at a time.

  • What are the limitations of each platform in terms of content creation?

    -Both platforms are heavily censored and do not allow adult content. DALL-E 3 is more restrictive, not allowing images of famous people or using artists as inspiration. Midjourney V6 has fewer restrictions but still maintains content censorship.

  • How does the community aspect differ between Midjourney V6 and DALL-E 3?

    -The community surrounding Midjourney V6 is more active and supportive, with regular communication from the team and office hours for conversations. The DALL-E 3 community is still evolving, with less frequent updates and interactions.

  • What are the pricing structures for Midjourney V6 and DALL-E 3?

    -DALL-E 3 is available with a chat GPT Plus subscription for $20 a month with no restrictions on image creation. Midjourney V6 starts at $10 a month for a limited amount of GPU time (around 200 images), with pricing tiers up to $120 a month for 60 hours of fast GPU time and additional features.



🎨 Mid Journey vs. Dary AI Art Generators: A Comparative Battle

The video script introduces a comparison between Mid Journey version 6 and Dary 3, two AI art generators. The comparison includes evaluating their features, user interfaces, prompt responses, speed of image generation, limitations, community engagement, and pricing. Mid Journey is noted for its parameter customization, gallery management, and integration with Discord, while Dary is highlighted for its use within chat GPT and the availability of an API.


🖼️ Prompt Battle: Photorealism and Seamless Patterns

The script details a prompt battle between the two AIs, starting with photorealistic landscapes and seamless geometric patterns. Mid Journey is praised for its detail and realism in the photorealistic forest, and for the seamless integration of its geometric patterns. Dary's outputs are noted for their saturation and slightly less refined detail.


🤖 Logo Design, Pixar-Style Characters, and Cyborgs

The video continues with challenges in logo design, Pixar-style character creation, and cyborg imagery. Mid Journey is favored for its ability to merge diverse visual concepts into a unified logo and for creating a characterful and detailed Pixar-style robot. Dary's cyborg is noted for its straightforward approach, but Mid Journey's moody and nuanced cyborg is more engaging.


🧙‍♂️ Instagram Influencers, Fantasy Scenes, and Tattoo Designs

The script compares the AIs' outputs for creating Instagram influencer images, illustrated fantasy scenes, and tattoo designs. Mid Journey's influencer appears more natural and realistic, while Dary's seems overly made-up. In fantasy scenes, Dary follows the prompt more closely, but Mid Journey's composition is more interesting. The tattoo design comparison shows Mid Journey's authenticity in Japanese style against Dary's more graphic style.


🦊 Anthropomorphic Animals, Surreal Landscapes, and Gothic Cathedrals

The video discusses the AIs' performances in creating anthropomorphic animals, surreal landscapes with floating islands, and detailed illustrations of Gothic Cathedrals. Dary's outputs are characterized by their appeal to a younger audience and happy, shiny perfection, whereas Mid Journey's works are noted for their poetic and moody styles, offering a more nuanced approach.


🚀 Futuristic Interiors, Art Nouveau Posters, and Bioluminescent Forests

The script covers the AIs' generation of futuristic interior designs, Art Nouveau posters, and scenes featuring forest bioluminescence. Both AIs accurately complete the futuristic interior prompt, but Mid Journey's refined approach and atmospheric depth are preferred. The Art Nouveau poster styles are well-executed by both, while Dary's handling of longer, more complex prompts is less successful compared to Mid Journey.


🏎️ Speedrun Test, Censorship, Community, and Pricing

The video concludes with a speedrun test to see how quickly each AI can generate images, noting that Mid Journey has improved its processing speed with updates. It discusses the limitations of both platforms, with Dary being more censored and restrictive. The community aspect is highlighted, with Mid Journey having a more active and supportive community. Pricing is compared, with Dary offering unlimited images for a flat rate, while Mid Journey offers tiered pricing based on GPU time.

🎓 Philosophy and Artistic Approaches of Mid Journey and Dary

The final paragraph reflects on the philosophical differences between the two AI art generators. Mid Journey is seen as offering a more well-rounded and human-centric approach, suitable for artists, while Dary presents a narrower, more censored view of the world. The video invites viewers to comment on their preferences and wishes them a delightful day.



💡Midjourney V6

Midjourney V6 refers to the sixth version of the AI art generator, Midjourney. It is one of the two main subjects of the video, where its capabilities and outputs are compared with DALL-E 3. The video discusses its user interface, parameter customization, and integration with Discord, highlighting its strengths in photorealism and its active community.


DALL-E 3 is an advanced AI art generator developed by OpenAI. It is compared against Midjourney V6 throughout the video. DALL-E 3 is noted for its API availability and its operation within the chat-based platform, which allows for interactive and iterative design processes.

💡Prompt Battle

A 'Prompt Battle' is a comparison challenge where the same prompts are given to both Midjourney V6 and DALL-E 3 to generate art. The video uses this method to evaluate and contrast the outputs of each AI, looking at various styles and the quality of the generated images.

💡User Interface

The user interface (UI) refers to the way that users interact with the AI art generators. The video compares the UIs of Midjourney and DALL-E, noting that Midjourney is integrated with Discord, while DALL-E uses a chat-based UI, which impacts the user experience and workflow.


Photorealism is a style of art where the subject is depicted with a high degree of realism, resembling a photograph. The video discusses how Midjourney V6 performs well in this style, providing detailed and believable images, as demonstrated in the 'Ancient Forest at Sunrise' example.

💡Seamless Patterns

Seamless patterns are repeating designs that can be tiled without visible breaks or gaps. The video compares how Midjourney and DALL-E create seamless geometric patterns suitable for wallpapers, with Midjourney producing a more seamless integration.


Logos are symbols or icons that represent brands or companies. The video presents a challenge where both AIs are tasked with creating a logo for a sustainable energy company, incorporating a leaf and a lightning bolt, to assess their ability to unify diverse visual concepts.


An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols and tools that allows different software applications to communicate with each other. The video notes that DALL-E 3 has an available API, which is not yet available for Midjourney, affecting the flexibility and integration capabilities of each tool.

💡Community and Pricing

The video discusses the community and pricing models of both AI art generators. Midjourney has a more active and supportive community with various pricing tiers based on GPU time, while DALL-E is accessed through a subscription to chat GPT Plus, offering unlimited image generation.

💡Depth of Field

Depth of field refers to the range of distance within a photo or artwork that appears sharp and in focus. The video comments on how Midjourney V6 introduces greater depth into its images, making them more realistic and engaging, as seen in the 'friendly robot' and 'cyborg woman' examples.

💡Illustrated Fantasy Scene

An 'Illustrated Fantasy Scene' is a type of artwork that depicts a fictional, often magical or mythical setting. The video compares how each AI interprets and creates a scene with a dragon overlooking a mystical kingdom, noting differences in composition, detail, and adherence to the prompt.


Midjourney V6 challenges DALL•E 3 in a prompt battle and full review.

Midjourney V6 offers greater ability to change parameters and handle different aspect ratios.

Midjourney operates within Discord and is developing its own website for image interaction.

DALL•E has a standalone website and an API, unlike Midjourney which currently lacks an API.

A prompt battle compares the outputs of Midjourney and DALL•E across 20 different styles.

Midjourney provides more detailed and realistic reflections in photorealistic images.

DALL•E's images tend to be more saturated and less detailed compared to Midjourney.

Midjourney excels in seamless pattern generation for wallpapers.

In logo design, Midjourney better incorporates requested elements, although it tends to be overly detailed.

DALL•E's outputs have a more childish and less emotive feel in character designs.

Midjourney's characters have more depth and backstory conveyed through their design.

DALL•E is better at understanding and depicting relationships between objects in a scene.

Midjourney's version six has significantly improved its understanding of object relationships.

DALL•E's API allows for collaboration with a large language model for evolving prompts.

Midjourney has a more active and supportive community compared to DALL•E.

Midjourney offers more control over the algorithm for photorealism and detailed prompts.

DALL•E is more restricted in content creation, avoiding adult content and images of famous people.

Midjourney's community is more developed and focused purely on AI art generation.

The philosophy of Midjourney reflects a more well-rounded human experience in its outputs.

DALL•E presents a more censored and narrow view of the world in its image generation.