NEW Midjourney UPDATE - Niji V6 Anime Generator

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30 Jan 202406:32

TLDRMidjourney has released a significant update with the alpha launch of Niji V6, an anime-focused algorithm. Users can access it through the Midjourney bot by typing 'D-niiji V6' at the end of their prompt or via the Niji server. The update, currently in alpha, offers a subtle upscaler and allows for simple text additions to images. While features like inpainting and zooming out are not yet available, they are expected in the full launch. The script showcases impressive results, such as characters from Overwatch sitting together, which was not possible in previous versions. The video also discusses the impact of the 'style raw' command on the anime aesthetic and the effects of varying the 'stylize' and 'chaos' values on image generation. The presenter, Nolan, emphasizes the importance of keeping 'chaos' values low for better results and encourages experimentation with the new version.


  • πŸŽ‰ **Midjourney Update**: There was a significant update to Midjourney, introducing Niji V6, an anime-focused algorithm.
  • πŸš€ **Accessing Niji V6**: Users can access this version either through the Midjourney bot with a specific command or via the Niji server.
  • πŸ“· **Visual Demonstration**: An example image of Batman wearing a yellow suit and eating pizza in the Batcave was shared to demonstrate the capabilities.
  • πŸ” **Features in Alpha**: Currently, the alpha version lacks certain features like inpainting, panning, or zooming out, but they are expected in the full launch.
  • πŸ“ˆ **Upscaling Options**: There are two upscaling options available: a subtle upscaler and a creative upscaler that are both strong and subtle.
  • βœ‰οΈ **Direct Messaging**: Users can interact with the bot through direct messages after creating an image and reacting with an envelope emoji.
  • πŸ“ **Adding Text**: Users can add simple text to their images, with a suggestion to keep it brief and not too complex.
  • πŸ’‘ **Text Input Method**: Text should be input within quotation marks, and the script provides examples of how to do this effectively.
  • πŸ”§ **Variation Feature**: The 'variation strong' button can be used for fine-tuning the generated images to achieve better results.
  • πŸ€– **AI's Power Showcased**: The script demonstrates the ability to generate complex images, like two characters sitting together, which was difficult in previous versions.
  • 🎨 **Stylization Values**: The stylization value's impact on the image generation process was tested, showing that certain values like 1000 or 0 make significant differences.
  • πŸ”₯ **Chaos Values**: It's advised to keep chaos values low for better results, with a recommendation not to exceed 12 on the chaos scale.

Q & A

  • What was the recent update to Mid Journey?

    -The recent update to Mid Journey was the alpha launch of Niji V6, an anime-focused algorithm.

  • How can one access the Niji V6 version through the Mid Journey bot?

    -To access Niji V6 through the Mid Journey bot, you can type 'D-nii nji' followed by the number six at the end of your prompt.

  • What features are not yet available in the alpha version of Niji V6?

    -In the alpha version, features like inpainting, panning, and zooming out are not available.

  • What is the second method to access the Niji V6 bot?

    -The second method to access the Niji V6 bot is through the Niji server by joining an image generation channel and reacting to your created image with an envelope emoji.

  • How can text be added to the images generated by Niji V6?

    -Text can be added to images by inputting the desired words within quotation marks in the prompt.

  • What is the recommended approach to achieve the best results with Niji V6?

    -The recommended approach is to generate text, find something close to the desired outcome, and then hit the 'variation strong' button for the best results.

  • What is the significance of the 'style raw' parameter in the prompt?

    -Including 'style raw' in the prompt can tone back the cartoonish anime aesthetic, making a significant difference in the generated images.

  • How does the 'stylize' value affect the output of Niji V6?

    -The 'stylize' value does not significantly change the prompt until it reaches the extreme values of 1000 or 0, where it produces noticeably different results.

  • What is the recommended 'chaos' value range when using Niji V6?

    -The recommended 'chaos' value range is between 0 and 6 to avoid generating nonsensical images.

  • What is the full launch expected to include that is not available in the alpha version of Niji V6?

    -The full launch is expected to include features like inpainting, panning, and zooming out, which are not available in the alpha version.

  • Who is the narrator of the transcript and what is his goal?

    -The narrator is Nolan, and his goal is to make learning AI as straightforward as possible.

  • How can viewers get more tips on generating text inside images with Niji V6?

    -Viewers can check out the video mentioned by Nolan, which provides additional tips on generating text inside images with Niji V6.



πŸš€ Introduction to Mid Journey's NII Version 6 Update

The video discusses a significant update to the Mid Journey platform, specifically the alpha launch of NII version 6, an anime-focused algorithm. The audience is informed about two methods to access this feature: through the Mid Journey bot by typing 'D-nii n ji 6' at the end of a prompt, or via the NII server, where an image can be created and interacted with using an envelope emoji. The video showcases the impressive capabilities of the new version, such as generating detailed images from prompts, including Batman in a yellow suit and characters from Overwatch sitting together. The limitations of the alpha version are also mentioned, including the absence of inpainting, panning, and zooming out, with promises of these features in the full launch. The presenter, Nolan, provides tips on using the platform, including adding simple text to images and using the 'variation strong' button for better results. The video concludes with a teaser for more content and an invitation for viewers to share their creations.


🎨 Exploring Stylization and Chaos Values in NII Version 6

This paragraph delves into the intricacies of stylization and chaos values in NII version 6. It explains that while the stylize value typically influences the output, in this version, it has a limited effect, except for the extremes of 1000 and 0. At stylize 1000, the video demonstrates a unique output not seen at other values, suggesting it might be worth experimenting with for novel results. Conversely, a stylize value of 0 produces distinctly different, albeit less polished, images. The presenter also advises keeping chaos values low, recommending a range between 0 and 6, to maintain coherence in the generated images. The video ends with a note on the creative freedom offered by the Mid Journey platform and an encouragement to explore and have fun with the tool.



πŸ’‘Mid Journey

Mid Journey refers to the software or platform that has undergone a significant update, as discussed in the video. It is the context in which the new features and capabilities of the 'Niji V6 Anime Generator' are being introduced and explored. The title suggests that the update is a major milestone or 'journey' in the development of the software.

πŸ’‘Niji V6

Niji V6 is the latest version of an anime-focused algorithm within the Mid Journey software. It represents a significant update or 'alpha launch' that introduces new features for generating anime-style images. The script highlights its capabilities through examples, such as creating an image of Batman in an anime style.

πŸ’‘Anime Generator

An 'Anime Generator' is a tool or feature within the Niji V6 software that allows users to create images in the style of anime, a form of Japanese animation characterized by colorful artwork, fantastical themes, and vibrant characters. The video demonstrates the generator's ability to interpret prompts and produce detailed, anime-style visuals.

πŸ’‘Alpha Launch

The term 'Alpha Launch' indicates that the Niji V6 update is in its initial release phase, where it is made available to a limited audience for testing and feedback. It implies that the software is not yet fully polished and additional features, such as inpainting and panning, are expected to be added before the full launch.


An 'Upscaler' in the context of the video refers to a feature within the Niji V6 software that enhances the resolution or quality of generated images. The script mentions a 'subtle upscaler' and a 'creative upscaler,' suggesting that these tools can improve image quality without losing the artistic integrity of the anime style.

πŸ’‘Nii Server

The 'Nii Server' is an access point or platform through which users can interact with the Niji V6 software. It is mentioned as an alternative way to access the anime generator, where users can join image generation channels and interact with the bot to create and refine their images.

πŸ’‘Text in Images

The ability to add 'Text in Images' is a feature that allows users to include text within the generated anime-style images. The script emphasizes that while simple text can be added, complex sentences are not recommended. This feature is demonstrated with examples like 'Batman saying nii till I die,' showing how text can enhance the narrative of the generated image.

πŸ’‘Variation Strong

'Variation Strong' is a button or command within the Niji V6 software that, when used, allows the algorithm to make more significant alterations to the generated image. The video describes it as a way to 'course correct' and find the best results by starting with a close match and then applying this feature for variations.

πŸ’‘Stylize Value

The 'Stylize Value' is a parameter within the Niji V6 software that controls the degree to which the generated image adheres to or deviates from the anime style. The video explores how different stylize values affect the output, noting that values outside the typical range can produce distinctly different or more unique images.

πŸ’‘Chaos Value

The 'Chaos Value' is a setting in the Niji V6 software that determines the level of randomness or unpredictability in the generated images. The video advises keeping this value low for more coherent results, suggesting that higher chaos values can lead to less coherent or 'nonsense' images.


OverWatch, mentioned in the context of characters Diva and Tracer, is a popular online multiplayer game known for its diverse cast of characters. In the video, the successful depiction of these characters sitting together in an anime style generated by Niji V6 demonstrates the software's advanced capabilities in handling complex prompts and character interactions.


Mid Journey has released a significant update, the alpha launch of Niji V6, an anime-focused algorithm.

There are two methods to access Niji V6: through the Mid Journey bot with a specific command or via the Niji server.

The update allows for creative image generation, demonstrated by an example of Batman in a yellow suit eating pizza in the Batcave.

Niji V6 is currently in Alpha, with features like inpainting, panning, and zooming out expected in the full launch about a month away.

Users can interact with the bot through direct messages after reacting to an image with an envelope emoji on the Niji server.

Adding simple text to images is possible, with a caution to avoid overly complex sentences.

The generated images can be further refined using the 'variation strong' button in Mid Journey for better results.

Nolan, the presenter, emphasizes the ease of learning AI with straightforward explanations.

Niji V6 has demonstrated the ability to generate complex scenes with multiple characters, such as Diva and Tracer from Overwatch sitting on a bench.

The algorithm is trained on anime, but the style can be adjusted using 'style raw' in the prompt to tone down the anime aesthetic.

Experimenting with the 'stylize' value can yield different visual outcomes, with the extremes of 1000 and 0 producing notably different styles.

The 'chaos' value should generally be kept low for coherent images, with a recommendation not to exceed 12.

The update offers a playground for users to explore and create unique AI-generated images.

Niji V6 represents a significant leap in AI's capability to generate detailed and coherent anime-style images.

The update is a testament to the rapid advancement in AI technology and its practical applications in image generation.

For more tips on generating text within images, viewers are encouraged to watch additional resources provided by Nolan.

The video concludes with a reminder that Mid Journey and Niji are tools for users to explore and have fun with AI image generation.