PromeAI Consistent AI Characters with ONE Photo! NO training!

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10 Feb 202413:22

TLDRIn this video, the host dives into the creative uses of AI, specifically focusing on the website 'PromeAI', which offers a suite of AI image and video tools. The host highlights the new 'AI headshot generator' feature, which allows users to create consistent AI images from a single headshot without any model training. The video demonstrates how to use the platform to generate images in various styles and scenes, emphasizing the importance of starting with a close-up shot for better results. The host also showcases other tools like 'out painting', 'erase and replace', and 'HD upscaler', which enhance the image generation process. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to explore PromeAI and its tools for creative projects, noting the host's personal preference for using the site to generate source images for their projects.


  • 🎨 The video discusses the creative uses of AI, focusing on a platform called 'PromeAI' that integrates various AI image and video tools.
  • πŸ“· PromeAI's new feature, 'AI headshot generator', allows users to create consistent images from a single headshot without any model training.
  • πŸ” The platform offers a wide range of styles and scenes to customize the generated images, providing users with a high degree of control over the final output.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The video demonstrates how to use the platform to generate an image of Albert Einstein in different scenarios, showcasing the nuances and limitations of the technique.
  • 🧩 It's mentioned that the AI headshot generator works better with close-up shots and can sometimes struggle with wider shots where facial details are less prominent.
  • ⛰️ The 'out painting' feature of PromeAI is highlighted, which enables users to expand images by adding new elements or scenarios, like having Einstein hiking in the Alps.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ The 'erase and replace' tool is introduced as a way to modify specific parts of an image, such as changing the color of a parka or adding new objects like a skunk on the road.
  • πŸ” The 'HD upscaler' is discussed as a tool to enhance image quality, though it may sometimes need adjustments in creative settings to avoid over-sharpening.
  • πŸ”„ The video emphasizes the iterative process of image generation and editing, encouraging users to experiment with different tools and settings to achieve desired results.
  • πŸš€ The presenter shares personal experience, stating that PromeAI is an integral part of their workflow for generating source images quickly and in various styles for other projects.
  • 🌐 The video concludes by encouraging viewers to explore the PromeAI site, experiment with its tools, and see the creative possibilities it offers for AI-generated images.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is exploring the creative uses of AI, specifically focusing on the website 'Prome AI' and its new features, particularly the AI headshot generator.

  • What is the AI headshot generator used for?

    -The AI headshot generator is used to create consistent images based on a single headshot without the need for training a model. It can generate images of a person in various styles and scenes.

  • What are some of the limitations of the AI headshot generator?

    -The AI headshot generator works best with close-up shots and may not maintain the level of detail needed for long shot faces. It also tends to perform better with some faces than others.

  • How can the AI headshot generator be improved for better results?

    -For better results, the AI headshot generator should start with a close-up shot of the face. Additionally, using the out-painting feature of Prome AI can help retain the quality of the face in the generated images.

  • What is the out-painting feature in Prome AI?

    -The out-painting feature in Prome AI allows users to expand the canvas of an image and generate new content that fits seamlessly with the original image, based on a given prompt.

  • How does the HD upscaler tool work?

    -The HD upscaler tool enhances the quality and detail of an image. It uses different templates and creative options to upscale the image without changing its original style significantly.

  • What is the erase and replace tool used for?

    -The erase and replace tool is used to modify specific parts of an image. It can replace objects within the image with different items based on user selection.

  • Why does the video mention using Photoshop for combining images?

    -Photoshop can be used to combine images to achieve a desired effect that might not be fully realized by the AI tools alone. It allows for manual adjustments and fine-tuning of the image.

  • How does the video presenter use Prome AI in their workflow?

    -The presenter uses Prome AI to generate source images quickly for their projects in Comfy UI. It helps them to avoid the need for generating original images in a particular style using a more complex workflow.

  • What is the importance of choosing the right style and scene in Prome AI?

    -Choosing the right style and scene in Prome AI is crucial as it directly influences the outcome of the generated image. It allows for a more accurate and desired representation of the character in the specified environment.

  • How does the video presenter describe their experience with subscription services for AI tools?

    -The presenter generally doesn't use subscription services for their AI artwork, animation, and video work, except to test them out occasionally. However, they make an exception for Prome AI, which they use constantly for generating source images.

  • What advice does the video presenter give for using Prome AI effectively?

    -The presenter advises using close-up shots for better results with the AI headshot generator. They also suggest experimenting with the out-painting feature and other tools like the HD upscaler and erase and replace tool to achieve the desired image effects.



🎨 Exploring AI Headshot Generator

The video begins by introducing the channel's focus on creative AI applications and highlights the use of Chrome AI, a favorite AI site for its integration of image and video tools. The host discusses the addition of new features, specifically the AI headshot generator, which allows users to create consistent images from a single headshot without the need for model training. The process is demonstrated using a picture of Albert Einstein, exploring various styles and scenes to generate images. The limitations of the technique are noted, particularly when it comes to the quality of the face in different camera angles and scenes. The AI headshot generator is praised for its ability to generate images quickly and efficiently, although it's acknowledged that results can vary.


πŸ–ΌοΈ Outpainting and Detail Loss

The second paragraph delves into the limitations and capabilities of the AI headshot generator when it comes to detail retention. The host compares the original image of Albert Einstein with the AI-generated versions to illustrate how detail can be lost, especially when the original image is not a close-up. The video then showcases the outpainting feature of Chrome AI, which allows users to expand the canvas and add new elements to the image, such as having Einstein appear as if he's hiking in the Alps. The host also demonstrates the erase and replace tool, similar to in-painting, to modify elements within the image. However, it's noted that multiple rounds of outpainting can lead to a loss of detail, which can be mitigated by using the HD upscaler feature to regain clarity.


πŸ“š Utilizing AI Tools for Creative Workflows

The final paragraph emphasizes the practical use of Chrome AI in the host's workflow, particularly for generating source images for projects in Comfy UI. The host explains that they use Chrome AI for its quick image generation in specific styles, which can then be further manipulated in Comfy UI using various tools and techniques. The video also mentions the use of the HD upscaler and the image-to-video tool for animation purposes. The host encourages viewers to explore the site and experiment with its tools, noting that while they generally use their own systems and servers, Chrome AI stands out as a valuable resource for its all-in-one capabilities and is used regularly to enhance creative projects.



πŸ’‘AI Characters

AI Characters refer to the use of artificial intelligence to create and manipulate images or videos of characters that can be used in various media. In the video, the host discusses how AI can generate images of characters like Albert Einstein in different styles and settings without the need for extensive training of models.


PromeAI is mentioned as one of the host's favorite AI websites for its integration of various AI image and video tools. It is used to generate images quickly and in a certain style, which the host finds integral to their workflow. The platform is highlighted for its consistent updates and new features that enhance its capabilities.

πŸ’‘AI Headshot Generator

The AI Headshot Generator is a feature that allows users to create consistent images based on a single headshot without any model training. It is showcased in the video as a way to generate images of characters in different scenarios, such as Albert Einstein in a fur parka in the snow.

πŸ’‘Styles and Scenes

Styles and scenes are categories within the PromeAI platform that users can select to define the aesthetic and context of the generated images. The host demonstrates how to choose from various styles like 'natural' and scenes like 'hiking in the Alps' to create specific character images.

πŸ’‘Out Painting

Out Painting is a feature of PromeAI that allows users to expand the canvas of an image and add new elements or scenes to it. The host uses this feature to change the background of an image from skiing to rock climbing in the Alps, demonstrating how it can be used creatively.

πŸ’‘HD Upscaler

The HD Upscaler is a tool within PromeAI that enhances the resolution and detail of images. It is used in the video to improve the quality of an image after out painting, aiming to regain lost detail and sharpness.

πŸ’‘Erase and Replace

Erase and Replace is a tool similar to out painting that allows users to modify parts of an image by replacing them with different elements. In the video, the host uses this tool to change a parka to a green sweater in an image.

πŸ’‘Image to Video Tool

The Image to Video Tool is mentioned as a feature that can animate static images, which the host finds useful for bringing images to life for projects that require animation.


Caricatures are a specific style of image that the host is working on in a big project. PromeAI can generate caricature-style images by selecting the 'caricature' style and providing a simple prompt, which the host then uses as a basis for further work in their own system.


Workflow in the context of the video refers to the host's process of using AI tools to generate and manipulate images for various projects. The host emphasizes the efficiency of using PromeAI as part of their workflow to quickly generate source images in specific styles.

πŸ’‘Compy UI

Compy UI is the host's own system for AI art work, animation, and video work. It is mentioned as a tool the host prefers to use for their projects, as opposed to subscription services, except for testing purposes. PromeAI is highlighted as an exception due to its utility in generating source images quickly.


PromeAI is a favorite AI site for integrated AI image and video tools.

PromeAI is an integral part of the workflow for quick image generation.

New features added regularly to PromeAI, enhancing its capabilities.

AI Headshot Generator allows creating consistent images from a single headshot without model training.

Platform offers a variety of styles and scenes to customize generated images.

Close-up shots work best for the AI Headshot Generator to maintain facial details.

Out-painting feature allows for expanding image scenes while retaining the original subject's face.

Erase and replace tool functions similarly to an in-painting tool, enabling modifications to specific image segments.

HD upscaler can enhance image quality but may require adjustments for faces.

Out-painting works best with close-up images to maintain detail and recognition.

PromeAI is used extensively for generating source images for various projects without using subscription services.

The site is particularly useful for quickly generating images in specific styles for further manipulation in other software.

Caricature style in PromeAI is effective for generating base images for caricature projects.

Image to video tool can animate images that have a strong appeal for motion.

PromeAI stands out as an all-in-one AI site for creative and practical applications.

The platform is recommended for those who need quick and stylized image generation without extensive setup.