Text in Midjourney (Full Guide + Use Cases + Money Making Opportunities)

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29 Dec 202321:17

TLDRMid Journey version 6 introduces the ability to render typography directly in images, opening up new creative possibilities. The video explores various use cases for AI text renderings, including creating custom fonts, personalized art, and digital products. It also discusses leveraging this technology for passive income through selling fonts on platforms like Creative Market. The host shares tips for achieving desired text renderings, such as using quotations and adjusting stylization values. The community tab on midjourney.com showcases user-created fonts and typographic designs, inspiring viewers to experiment with font design. The video also covers generating individual letters for detailed sets, creating personalized quotes and book covers, and designing logos. The host suggests using AI-generated images for stock photography, web design, and even typographic tattoos. The video concludes by highlighting the potential for future improvements in text rendering and the endless creative opportunities AI technology offers in graphic design.


  • πŸ“ˆ Mid Journey version 6 introduces the ability to render typography directly in images, opening up new creative possibilities.
  • πŸ’‘ To achieve desired text, use quotations and specify it's text, e.g., 'a photo of the text hello world' in quotation marks.
  • πŸ” Use D-Style Space and adjust stylization values for more accurate renderings.
  • 🎨 Mid Journey allows users to create their own fonts, with examples ranging from illustrated letters to full alphabets.
  • πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨ Designers can experiment with font variations and create detailed letter sets for focal points in designs.
  • 🌟 High-quality font creation can lead to significant income, especially in logo design and licensing.
  • πŸ“š The script suggests rendering out entire alphabets with styles like 'monster style' and selling them on platforms like Creative Market.
  • πŸ–‹οΈ Hand-painted type forms can be created and then varied in Mid Journey to build up entire font faces.
  • 🎁 Personalized works of art, such as children's names or quotes, can be created and sold as digital products or prints.
  • πŸ“ˆ There's potential for passive income through creating and selling digital products related to fonts and typography.
  • πŸ“š Book cover design and creation of illustrated children's books are made easier with text rendering in Mid Journey.
  • 🎬 Typography can be used in video making, web design, and even for creating personalized movie posters and typographic tattoos.

Q & A

  • What is the new feature in Midjourney version 6 that has expanded its capabilities?

    -Midjourney version 6 can now render typography directly in its images, which has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for AI text renderings.

  • How can one increase the chances of getting the exact text rendering they want in Midjourney?

    -To increase the chances, one should put the desired text in quotations and specify that it is text. Additionally, including 'D-Style Space' with a value, such as 'D-Style Space 50', can help achieve a closer resemblance to the concept.

  • What is an exciting feature of Midjourney version 6 that allows for creative exploration?

    -The ability to create custom fonts is an exciting feature, as users can explore font design and create everything from individual illustrated letters to entire alphabets.

  • How can one create variations of a specific letter form in Midjourney?

    -Once a user has a letter form they like, they can ask Midjourney for variations of that form, which will generate more letters in the same style.

  • What is a potential way to make passive income using Midjourney's text rendering capabilities?

    -One can create and sell digital products related to beautiful, organic, illustrated, detailed fonts directly from high-quality PNGs on platforms like Creative Market.

  • How can a designer create a detailed set of letters for larger scale designs?

    -The best approach is to generate each letter individually to ensure they are extremely beautiful, consistent in size, style, and weight, and work well together.

  • What is a service that can be offered on Etsy using personalized typographic art?

    -One can offer personalized works of art, such as children's names or custom quotes, created in a style that fits well with the identity of an Etsy shop.

  • How can Midjourney be used to create book covers?

    -Midjourney can be used to generate concepts and ideas for book covers. Once a direction is agreed upon with a client, the designer can recreate the concept in design software or use the elements directly.

  • What is the significance of being able to render text within Midjourney for creating illustrated children's books?

    -The ability to render text within Midjourney simplifies the process of creating illustrated children's books, allowing for the combination of text and images to be done more efficiently.

  • How can typography from Midjourney be used in video making?

    -Typography from Midjourney can be used to create captions in videos, where the text appears as part of the real-world scene, offering a new way to communicate visually and create immersive content.

  • What is a potential application for typography in Midjourney for those interested in graphic design?

    -Midjourney can be used as a sparring partner in the design process to explore what type of fonts will fit coherently in certain images, and to understand the personality and identity of different fonts.



🎨 Typography in Mid Journey Version 6

The video discusses the new capabilities of Mid Journey version 6, which now allows for direct rendering of typography within images. This opens up a variety of creative possibilities, including the creation of custom fonts and leveraging AI for text renderings. The speaker shares tips on how to achieve desired text results, such as using quotation marks and specifying the style. The community tab on midjourney.com showcases the potential for font design, and the video suggests ways to monetize these designs through passive income streams, like selling fonts or creating personalized art pieces.


πŸ’° Monetizing Typography with Digital Products

The paragraph explores the potential to create and sell digital products related to typography, such as fonts and illustrations. The speaker suggests rendering out an entire alphabet in a specific style, removing backgrounds, and selling them on platforms like Creative Market. The video also mentions the lucrative nature of the font industry, with the potential to charge thousands for a high-quality font license. Additionally, it proposes adding illustrations to font packages to enhance their value and appeal for designers. The speaker shares personal experience with selling hand-crafted fonts and provides a quick guide on how to convert AI-generated images into usable fonts using a service like Calligrapher.


πŸ–ΌοΈ Personalized Art and Typography in Mid Journey

This section delves into creating personalized works of art using Mid Journey's typography capabilities. It covers the creation of children's names in signs, personalized presents, and the potential to sell such designs on platforms like Etsy. The video also discusses rendering entire quotations and the possibility of using these for various applications, such as iPhone wallpapers or wall art. The speaker shares their experiments with creating personalized movie posters and the potential to offer such services or products on Etsy. The paragraph concludes with the idea of creating book covers and the importance of a book's cover in attracting readers.


πŸ“š Book Covers, Logos, and Beyond with Mid Journey

The focus shifts to using Mid Journey for creating book covers and the opportunity it presents for freelancers specializing in book cover design. The paragraph also touches on the possibility of creating and selling one's own illustrated children's books, leveraging AI for both text and imagery. The video then explores creating personalized artworks, such as movie posters with one's name, and the potential for offering these as gifts or through an Etsy shop. It also suggests using Mid Journey for designing logos, including monograms and typographic logos, and the potential for offering logo design services or productizing these designs. The speaker expresses excitement about the future updates to Mid Journey's text rendering capabilities and the possibilities they will bring.


🌟 Exploring Further Applications of Mid Journey Typography

The final paragraph discusses additional applications of Mid Journey's typography features. It covers creating graffiti-style works, stock photography with text, video captions, and web design concepts. The speaker is particularly impressed with Mid Journey's ability to understand the personality of fonts and how they fit into different contexts. The video also suggests using typography in Mid Journey for designing logos and the potential for creating typographic tattoos. The speaker invites viewers to share their thoughts on typography in Mid Journey and any other creative ideas they might have, concluding with well wishes for the viewers.




Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. In the context of the video, typography is a central theme as it discusses how AI can render text within images, creating visually appealing and stylistic representations of text. The video provides examples such as creating personalized quotes, children's names, and book covers, showcasing the versatility of AI in typographic rendering.

πŸ’‘AI Text Renderings

AI Text Renderings refer to the process where artificial intelligence generates visual representations of text. The video emphasizes the advancements in AI, particularly in Midjourney version 6, which allows for the creation of images with embedded text that can be styled and formatted in various ways. This technology opens up new possibilities for designers and artists to create unique and personalized text-based artwork.

πŸ’‘Passive Income

Passive income is money earned with little to no effort by the recipient after an initial setup or investment of time and resources. The video discusses leveraging AI-generated typography to create digital products like fonts and illustrations, which can be sold online, thus generating a recurring income stream. It also mentions the potential for selling personalized typographic art and services, such as creating book covers or movie posters, as ways to earn passive income.

πŸ’‘Midjourney Version 6

Midjourney Version 6 is a specific iteration of an AI image-generating software that has enhanced capabilities for rendering typography directly into images. The video highlights the new features of this version, such as creating custom fonts and detailed letter forms, which were not possible in previous versions. It is presented as a tool that can significantly aid in the creative process for designers.

πŸ’‘Custom Fonts

Custom fonts are typefaces that are specifically designed for a particular purpose or client, often with unique characteristics that distinguish them from standard fonts. The video explores the possibility of using AI to create custom fonts, which can then be sold or licensed for use in various applications like logos, book covers, and digital products. It is an example of how AI can democratize and simplify the font creation process.

πŸ’‘Digital Products

Digital products are goods that exist in a digital format, such as software, images, fonts, and other creative works. The video discusses creating and selling digital products related to typography, like AI-generated fonts and illustrated alphabets, which can be used in various design projects. These products can be distributed and sold online, providing a source of income for creators.

πŸ’‘Creative Market

Creative Market is an online platform where designers and artists can buy and sell digital assets such as graphics, fonts, themes, and more. In the video, it is mentioned as a potential marketplace for selling AI-generated fonts and typography-based designs. It represents an opportunity for creators to monetize their work and reach a global audience.

πŸ’‘Personalized Art

Personalized art refers to creative works that are customized to an individual's preferences or features, such as their name or specific quotes. The video script mentions creating personalized art using AI-generated typography, like children's names in stylized fonts or custom movie posters with one's name. This type of art can be sold as unique, individualized gifts or decorations.

πŸ’‘Book Covers

Book covers are the outer packaging of a book, often featuring design elements, titles, and sometimes author names. The video discusses the use of AI-generated typography to create book cover designs, which can be offered as a service or used to produce and sell one's own books. It highlights the importance of an attractive book cover in the marketing and sales of a book.


Logos are graphic marks or emblems used by companies, brands, or individuals to aid in identification and recognition. The video explores the creation of typographic logos using AI, which can be used for branding purposes or sold as design services. It emphasizes the potential for AI to generate unique and professional-looking logo designs that align with brand identities.

πŸ’‘Video Generation

Video generation refers to the process of creating video content, which can include animations, live-action footage, or a combination of both. The video mentions the possibility of using AI-generated typography in video generation, particularly for creating captions or text overlays that match the style and theme of the video content. This application can enhance the storytelling and visual appeal of videos.


Midjourney version 6 introduces the ability to render typography directly in images, opening up new possibilities for AI text renderings.

Text can be added to images by including it within quotation marks in the prompt.

Specifying the text and providing a stylistic interpretation improves the rendering process.

Using 'D-Style Space, raw' or lowering the stylize values can lead to more accurate text renderings.

Midjourney V6 allows users to create their own fonts by exploring font design in the community tab.

Users can add personal flair to generated fonts by modifying prompts to include desired styles.

The potential for creating and selling digital products related to fonts is significant due to the high demand in the industry.

Rendering out each individual letter can result in detailed and consistent letter forms that work well together.

High-quality font licensing for logos can command high prices, offering opportunities for passive income.

Midjourney V6 can be used to create personalized works of art, such as children's names for decorative signs.

The ability to render entire quotations in Midjourney V6 can be used for various applications like iPhone wallpapers and motivational posters.

Book cover designers can leverage Midjourney V6 to create concepts and inspirations for book covers.

Creating and selling illustrated children's books using AI-generated text and images is made easier with Midjourney V6.

Personalized movie posters with names integrated into the scene are a creative application of Midjourney V6.

Midjourney V6 can render text in various styles, suitable for creating logos and monograms.

The model's text rendering capabilities are expected to improve rapidly with more data for training.

The potential to render longer sections of text, such as poems or entire texts from illustrated books, is a future opportunity with Midjourney V6.

Designing typographic tattoos using unique caligraphic type designs generated by Midjourney V6 is a novel application.