The Truth about Midjourney's Discord Server! (I was VERY wrong)

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19 Oct 202212:44

TLDRThe video transcript discusses the creator's journey in addressing misconceptions about Midjourney's Discord server. Initially, the creator had presented a conspiracy theory about the server's rapid growth, which received mixed reactions. After being contacted by a Midjourney volunteer moderator, the creator learned about the server's unique structure, its aim to be inclusive without artificial member inflation, and its efforts to detect and prevent bot abuse without hindering user accessibility. The server's popularity is attributed to the AI art trend and Discord's user base, with the platform supporting Midjourney's growth for broader appeal. The creator also touches on the server's decision not to purge inactive accounts, the potential for users to create multiple accounts to bypass credit limits, and Discord's special treatment of Midjourney as a popular and active community. The video concludes with the creator's apology for any misinformation and a commitment to providing accurate content in the future.


  • 📚 The video creator admits to being misinformed and misleading in a previous video about Midjourney's Discord server and aims to correct the misinformation.
  • 🤝 Midjourney's Discord server is unique as it organizes users into different groups upon joining, limiting the visibility of newcomer rooms to maintain a friendly environment for new users.
  • 🧐 The server's growth has been questioned, but the video suggests that the rapid increase in members is due to the popularity of AI art and the platform's appeal rather than artificial inflation.
  • 💡 Midjourney's CEO, David, is not interested in dealing with investors, and there's no apparent need to artificially increase the server's member count for investor attraction.
  • 🛡️ The server uses an undisclosed bot and user detection system to prevent abuse, which costs the company money as it utilizes server resources.
  • 🚫 An anti-raid bot was initially used but was later disabled to avoid false positives and to keep the server as open as possible for genuine users.
  • 🌐 Midjourney chose Discord over hosting its own website to leverage the community aspect, where users can build on each other's ideas and generate more creative content.
  • 🏃‍♂️ There is no active purging of inactive accounts as server performance is not an issue due to Discord's infrastructure support and the group role system.
  • 📈 The large member count is seen as a positive statistic, reflecting the number of people who have tried using the bot, rather than a need to maintain an active user base.
  • 🤖 The video mentions that while there are restrictions on adding the Midjourney bot to servers with over 30,000 members, the bot is still present in an impressive 560,000 servers.
  • 💌 The video creator was given permission by a volunteer moderator to share the information from their direct messages, as long as it's clear that the moderator is not an official Midjourney representative.

Q & A

  • What was the creator's initial mistake regarding Midjourney's Discord server?

    -The creator initially made a video suggesting a conspiracy theory about Midjourney's Discord server, which was based on misinterpretation of certain coincidences and was later acknowledged as misleading and clickbait.

  • How does the Midjourney server categorize its users upon joining?

    -The Midjourney server categorizes users into different groups upon joining, which restricts their visibility to a limited number of newcomer rooms on the server.

  • Why does the Midjourney CEO not want to deal with investors?

    -The CEO, David, does not want to artificially increase the member count to impress investors, as the focus is on making the server user-friendly and not on manipulating numbers.

  • What is the benefit of having a large number of members on the Midjourney Discord server?

    -Having a large number of members helps in increasing awareness about Midjourney, leading to more people using the service, utilizing the free credits, and potentially purchasing a subscription.

  • How does Midjourney's system for detecting bots and abuse work?

    -While the specifics are not disclosed to prevent circumvention, Midjourney has its own system in place to detect bots and abuse, which is important as abuse costs the company money.

  • Why was the anti-raid bot on the server disabled?

    -The anti-raid bot was disabled to avoid false positives and to keep the server as open as possible for real users, as the goal is to minimize the removal of genuine users.

  • Why did Midjourney choose to host on Discord rather than creating its own website?

    -The decision was based on the community aspect that Discord provides, which helps users build on each other's ideas and find inspiration, as opposed to an individualistic approach.

  • What is Midjourney's stance on inactive accounts?

    -Midjourney does not actively purge inactive accounts, as there is no longer a need to due to increased server capacity limits set by Discord.

  • How many servers does the Midjourney bot exist in?

    -The Midjourney bot is present in over 560,000 servers, which is a significant number considering the restrictions they have in place.

  • Why does Discord allow Midjourney to have such a large member count?

    -Discord is likely using Midjourney as a test subject to understand how to handle very large servers, and also because it benefits from the increased user engagement and potential new users joining Discord.

  • What is the creator's final take on the conspiracy theories surrounding Midjourney?

    -The creator clarifies that despite the conspiracy theories, which they inadvertently helped to propagate, Midjourney is not malicious but a growing business that has gained popularity organically.



📺 Mid-Journey Discord Controversy and Clarification

The video script discusses a controversy surrounding the Mid-Journey Discord server, which the creator had previously speculated about in a 'tinfoil hack conspiracy theory' video. The creator admits to being misled and expresses regret for potentially misleading content, promising not to repeat such mistakes. They explain the unique structure of the Mid-Journey server, which is divided into groups to cater to new users, and how the server's popularity has grown due to various media advertisements. The CEO's stance on not courting investors and the server's growth strategy are also covered. Additionally, the script addresses the server's bot and alt detection methods, the reasoning behind disabling certain bot functionalities, and the server's approach to handling inactive accounts.


🤔 Understanding Mid-Journey's Growth and Philosophy

This paragraph delves into the reasons behind Mid-Journey's choice to use Discord instead of hosting its own website, emphasizing the community aspect and how it fosters idea generation among users. It also discusses the server's approach to false positives in bot detection and the importance of retaining real users. The paragraph further explores why Mid-Journey may have chosen to remain on Discord despite the challenges, highlighting the benefits of community interaction and the platform's popularity. The issue of inactive accounts and server performance is also addressed, with the volunteer moderator suggesting that there's no need to purge members due to Discord's increased server capacity and infrastructure support.


🚀 Mid-Journey's Popularity and Future Prospects

The final paragraph addresses the rapid growth of Mid-Journey, dispelling suspicions of artificial inflation by highlighting the natural popularity of AI art and Discord. It mentions the bot's presence in over 560,000 servers and the measures taken to prevent abuse of the 25 free credit limit. The script also touches on the possibility of self-hosting AI art generators as an alternative for those seeking free access. The paragraph discusses Discord's special treatment of Mid-Journey, suggesting it is due to the server's popularity and potential use as a test case for handling large servers. The creator concludes by emphasizing Mid-Journey's nature as a passion project that has grown into a successful business, encouraging a positive perspective on its operations.



💡Midjourney's Discord Server

Midjourney's Discord Server refers to the online community platform where users interact with the Midjourney bot, an AI art generator. In the video, the server is described as having a unique structure with different groups for new users, which is a key aspect of the discussion around the server's operations and user experience.

💡Conspiracy Theory

A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy without overwhelming evidence. In the context of the video, the creator initially speculated about the rapid growth and operations of Midjourney's Discord server, which was later debunked with more information, illustrating the potential for misinformation.

💡Volunteer Moderator

A volunteer moderator is an individual who helps manage and oversee a community, such as a Discord server, on a voluntary basis. In the video, the volunteer moderator provides insights into the workings of Midjourney's server, highlighting the role of such individuals in maintaining community standards and addressing user concerns.

💡AI Art

AI art refers to artwork generated by artificial intelligence, which in this case is the output of the Midjourney bot. The video discusses the popularity and quality of AI-generated art, which is a significant draw for users joining the Midjourney Discord server.


Clickbait is a sensationalized or misleading title or thumbnail used to attract clicks on a video or article. The video creator acknowledges that their previous video was clickbait, which led to both support and criticism, emphasizing the ethical considerations of content creation.


💡Verification System

A verification system is a method used to confirm the identity or authenticity of something, such as a user on a platform. The video mentions that Midjourney's server does not use a traditional verification system, which is a point of discussion regarding user authenticity and bot detection.

💡False Positives

A false positive occurs when a test or detection method incorrectly identifies a legitimate user as a bot or an anomaly. The video discusses the concern over false positives in the context of Midjourney's bot detection methods, which could lead to legitimate users being incorrectly banned.

💡Inactive Accounts

Inactive accounts are user accounts that have not been used or active for a certain period. The video explores the issue of inactive accounts on the Midjourney server and whether they are pruned or maintained, which relates to server performance and user retention.


Discord is a communication platform that allows users to create and join communities, like the Midjourney server. The video discusses Discord's role in hosting the Midjourney server and the platform's policies and infrastructure that support the server's large user base.


A bot, in the context of the video, refers to an automated program that can perform tasks on platforms like Discord. The video addresses concerns about bot detection and the server's methods for identifying and dealing with bots to prevent abuse.


Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. The video ends with a comment on capitalism, suggesting that the growth and success of Midjourney's server is a result of market forces and the creators' entrepreneurial spirit.


The video creator admits to being misinformed and misled in a previous video about Midjourney's Discord server.

Midjourney's Discord server is unique in that it segments users into different groups upon joining, limiting their visibility to certain rooms.

The server has been advertised widely, leading to an influx of new users, which the server aims to accommodate in a user-friendly manner.

The Midjourney CEO, David, is not interested in dealing with investors and sees no need to artificially inflate membership numbers.

Having a large member base on Discord is beneficial for Midjourney as it increases awareness and usage of the platform.

The server uses an undisclosed bot detection system to prevent abuse, which costs the company money.

An anti-raid bot was disabled due to concerns of false positives affecting genuine users.

Midjourney chose Discord over hosting its own website to leverage the community-building aspect of the platform.

The rapid growth of the Midjourney server is attributed to the popularity of AI art and the platform's ability to inspire creativity.

Midjourney's presence in over 560,000 servers indicates its widespread use and popularity.

Discord may be using Midjourney as a test case to understand the implications of managing a server of such a large scale.

The video creator emphasizes that Midjourney is not malicious and is a passion project that has grown into a successful business.

The server's large membership count is seen as a cool statistic rather than a necessity to purge inactive accounts.

Discord is accommodating Midjourney's growth to avoid turning away new members attracted by its widespread advertising.

The video aims to dispel conspiracy theories and provide a clearer understanding of Midjourney's operations and intentions.

The creator asks for forgiveness for the misinformation in the past and commits to learning from the mistake.

Volunteer moderators on Midjourney's server provide insights into the server's operations, though they are not official representatives.