Update from Ukraine | Ukraine Liberated important island on the South. Ruzzian Airfield Drone Strike

Denys Davydov
28 Apr 202421:01

TLDRIn the latest update from Ukraine, significant advancements have been made on the front lines, particularly in the Hon region where the Ukrainian Army has liberated Nesta Island, situated between the Nippro River and the Black Sea. This strategic move could potentially allow Ukraine to expand its bridgehead and liberate more territory, creating a foundation for future advancements. The situation in Kink has stabilized with no recent advancements, as Russia focuses on the East near Bahmut and Od. The Ukrainian Marines, responsible for controlling bridgeheads, have successfully maintained their positions. Additionally, the Russian Airfield in Kushes Village was attacked by Ukrainian UAVs, causing damage to aircraft and munition storage. Despite the challenges, Ukraine continues to push forward, with the General Commander acknowledging the complicated situation on the front lines. The Ukrainian defense lines are not as robust as Russia's, and the country is currently struggling to counter the Russian offensive. However, with new military support, Ukraine is expected to make progress. The update also touches on the Telegram ban in Ukraine, which has affected channels used by both the Ukrainian government and military, and the potential provision of F-16 fighter jets and Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine.


  • 🏝️ The Ukrainian Army has made advancements on the front lines, particularly liberating Nesta Island, which could potentially be used to expand their bridgehead.
  • πŸ›³οΈ Control over the Kimbers Peninsula is strategically important for Ukraine as it would allow them to use the port of Mariupol for shipping goods or grains through the Black Sea.
  • 🚨 The Russian Airfield in Kushes Village was attacked by Ukrainian UAVs, causing significant damage and forcing Russia to disperse their aircraft.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ The situation in Kink is stable with no recent advancements, indicating a stalemate and Russia's focus on the East near Bahmut and Donbas.
  • πŸ›‘ Ukraine successfully defended against Russian attacks on their boats, and the Ukrainian Marines are maintaining control over bridgeheads in Alekski and Kinki.
  • πŸ“‘ Satellite confirmation of the attack on the Russian Airfield shows damage to the parking area and the removal of aircraft by Russia.
  • 🚁 Ukraine reportedly launched an attack on Cape of Tanut, Criya, with circumstances still unknown, but confirmed by Russian sources.
  • πŸ›©οΈ The Ukrainian Airfield in Kaminka, Neo City, was hit, resulting in the destruction of several private aircraft, but no military drones were present.
  • πŸ“ The latest military map update shows enemy advancements in various locations, with Russia making significant progress towards Nelki Village and beyond.
  • The Ukrainian defense lines are not interconnected and are not as robust as Russia's, leading to struggles in stopping the Russian offensive.
  • πŸ›¬ There are rumors that Ukraine will receive more fighter jets than initially promised, which could potentially cause severe losses for the Russian forces.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of Nesta Island in the context of the conflict?

    -Nesta Island is strategically located between the streams of the nipro river and close to the Black Sea. Its liberation by the Ukrainian Army could potentially allow for the expansion of a bridgehead, which might facilitate future advancements and the creation of a significant bridgehead on the other part of the shore.

  • Why is the situation in Kink important for the Ukrainian military?

    -The stabilization of the situation in Kink is crucial as it prevents Russian forces from dislodging Ukrainian troops. It also suggests that Russia has not made significant advancements in recent months, with their focus being on the Eastern front near bahmut and of d.

  • How does the control of Kimbers Peninsula impact Ukraine's maritime capabilities?

    -Control over Kimbers Peninsula would give Ukraine an additional port, Melitpol, which could be used for shipping goods or grains through the Black Sea. However, Russian defense lines currently block this route, making it a strategic area for Ukraine to take control of.

  • What was the outcome of the Ukrainian UAV attack on the Russian Airfield in Kushes Village?

    -The attack on the Russian Airfield in Kushes Village was confirmed by satellite images, which showed damage to the parking stand of the airplane and the apron area. Russia removed all their airplanes from the affected parking area, indicating the success of the Ukrainian strike.

  • What was the impact of the Russian attack on the Ukrainian Airfield in Kaminka, Neo City?

    -The attack resulted in the destruction of many privately-owned airplanes at the airfield. However, military drones were not present at the time, and thus were not affected by the attack.

  • What is the current military advancement on the Eastern side of Ukraine?

    -Russia has made significant advancements in the Eastern side of Ukraine, capturing territories such as the village of Per M and moving towards Nala. The rapid progress has raised concerns for the Ukrainian defense, which is now at risk in several sectors.

  • How does the Ukrainian government's focus on offensive operations affect their defensive capabilities?

    -The Ukrainian government's focus on offensive operations, particularly in the south, has resulted in a less robust defense compared to what Russia has built. This has led to struggles in stopping the Russian offensive, as Ukraine's defense lines are not as interconnected or strong as desired.

  • What are the implications of the Ukrainian soldiers being stopped by a Russian supporter in Germany?

    -The incident is tragic and has raised concerns about the safety and treatment of Ukrainian soldiers seeking medical care abroad. However, details are still emerging, and it's important not to speculate without all the facts.

  • How do F-16 fighter jets factor into Ukraine's military strategy?

    -F-16 fighter jets, which Ukraine is expected to obtain, will face significant challenges against the developed Russian army. While they may not be as advanced as Russian S35s, a strategy involving multiple F-16s could potentially overwhelm Russian air defense.

  • What is the significance of Italy potentially supplying Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine?

    -The potential supply of Storm Shadow cruise missiles by Italy would significantly bolster Ukraine's military capabilities, offering a more potent offensive option against Russian forces.

  • Why was the blocking of certain Telegram channels by Ukrainian officials a controversial move?

    -The move to block Telegram channels that criticized the Ukrainian government led to a broader implementation of Telegram's policy against promoting violence, which inadvertently affected channels used by Ukrainian intelligence and military for communication. This has been seen as a strategic misstep that hindered important information flow.



πŸ—ΊοΈ Ukrainian Advancement and Nesta Island Liberation

Dennis introduces the latest military update from Ukraine, highlighting the Ukrainian military's recent success in pushing back Russian forces on Nesta Island, situated between the Nipro River streams and near the Black Sea. He suggests that this could lead to a significant bridgehead for future offensives. The situation in Kink remains stable with no Russian advancements, and the focus shifts to the strategic importance of the Kimbers Peninsula for potential port access and supply delivery. The Ukrainian Marines are credited with controlling the bridgeheads, and there's mention of the Russian Airfield in Kushes being attacked by Ukrainian UAVs, confirmed by satellite imagery. The speaker also discusses the Russian military's losses and the Ukrainian Marines' ongoing efforts.


🏭 Russian Advancements and Ukrainian Defense Concerns

The second paragraph details Russia's military movements, with a focus on their advancement towards the village of Nala and the potential risks it poses to the Ukrainian Army. It discusses the rapid pace of Russian assaults, contrary to initial expectations, and the strategic importance of various locations such as the Kimbers Peninsula and Alexandri. The speaker also touches on the potential for Russian forces to occupy certain areas and the challenges faced by Ukraine in terms of defense and resource allocation. The situation is described as fast-moving and reminiscent of 2022, with Ukrainian officials acknowledging the gravity of the situation in the east.


πŸ›‘οΈ Ukrainian Defense Lines and Russian Military Strategy

This section covers the analysis of Ukrainian defense lines and the Russian military's strategy. It mentions Russia's goal to occupy settlements by the 9th of May, which is significant for them as a commemoration of victory in the Great Patriotic War. The speaker discusses the capture of Western-made equipment by Russia and their use for propaganda. The focus then shifts to the frontlines, where Russia is using new bridgeheads for further advancement. The Ukrainian counterattack is highlighted as a strategic move to disrupt Russian supply lines. The speaker also addresses the challenges that the F-16 fighter jets will face when used by Ukraine against the Russian air defense and their advanced aircraft.


🚨 Telegram Blockage and Its Impact on Ukraine

The fourth paragraph addresses the issue of Ukrainian politicians and officials attempting to block Telegram channels that criticize the government, leading to a broader blockage that impacted channels used by Ukrainian intelligence and military. The speaker criticizes this move as detrimental, as Telegram was a crucial source of information and communication. The policy of Telegram to block accounts that violate its terms, including those that post personal information or coordinates for violence, is explained. The speaker also dispels conspiracy theories about Telegram's founder, Pavel Durov, being an agent for the Russian FSB.


✈️ F-16s and the Future of Aerial Warfare for Ukraine

The final paragraph discusses the potential impact of F-16 fighter jets on the Ukrainian military's capabilities. While acknowledging that modernized F-16s may not be a game-changer, the speaker suggests they could still inflict significant losses on the Russian forces. There's also mention of a possible increase in the number of jets provided to Ukraine and the potential support from Italy in the form of Storm Shadow cruise missiles. The speaker ends with a note on the importance of Telegram for his updates and a message of peace.



πŸ’‘Nesta Island

Nesta Island is a strategic location situated between the streams of the Dnipro River and close to the Black Sea. Its liberation by the Ukrainian Army is significant because it potentially allows for the creation of a bridgehead for future military advancements. In the context of the video, the island's capture is a positive development for Ukraine, indicating a shift in military momentum.


A bridgehead in military terms refers to a foothold gained in enemy territory that can be used as a base for further operations. In the video, the speaker discusses the possibility of Ukraine expanding its bridgehead on Nesta Island, which would facilitate future military actions and potentially disrupt Russian supply lines.

πŸ’‘Maritime Supply

Maritime supply involves the transportation of goods by sea. The video script mentions that with control over the Kimbers Peninsula, Ukraine could use its port at Mykolaiv to receive maritime supplies. This would be a significant advantage for Ukraine's logistics and could bolster its military capabilities.

πŸ’‘Russian Defense Lines

The Russian defense lines are fortifications built to protect against enemy advances. The video indicates that these lines are not as robust in the area around Nesta Island as they are in other regions, such as Zaria. This suggests a potential vulnerability that Ukraine could exploit.

πŸ’‘Ukrainian Marines

The Ukrainian Marines are an elite branch of the country's armed forces trained for amphibious operations. They are highlighted in the video as being responsible for the successful mission to secure Nesta Island, showcasing their strategic importance in the conflict.

πŸ’‘Russian Airfield Drone Strike

The Russian Airfield Drone Strike refers to an attack on a Russian airfield in the village of Kushes, Candari, by Ukrainian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The video provides confirmation of the attack through satellite imagery, showing damage to the airfield and the dispersal of Russian aircraft, which is a significant blow to Russian military capabilities.

πŸ’‘Military Advancement

Military advancement in the context of the video describes the progress of military forces in gaining territory or achieving strategic objectives. The speaker discusses Russian military advancements in the eastern part of Ukraine, which are causing concern due to their rapid progress and the potential threat to Ukrainian-held territory.


Mobilization in a military context refers to the process of assembling and preparing military forces for active service. The video mentions that Russia has not announced a new mobilization, relying instead on volunteers and existing forces, whereas Ukraine has implemented a mobilization to bolster its defenses.

πŸ’‘F-16 Fighter Jets

F-16 Fighter Jets are advanced, multirole aircraft used by various air forces around the world. The video discusses the potential deployment of these jets to Ukraine, which would significantly enhance its air power. However, the speaker also notes the challenges they would face against Russian air defenses and aircraft.

πŸ’‘Telegram Channels

Telegram is a popular messaging app that also allows for the creation of public channels to disseminate information. The video script addresses a controversy where Ukrainian officials sought to block certain Telegram channels, which inadvertently led to the blocking of channels used by Ukrainian intelligence and military for communication, highlighting the importance of these channels for information sharing and coordination.


Censorship is the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, or other forms of expression that are deemed objectionable by authorities. The video discusses the issue of censorship in the context of Telegram channels, where the platform's policy against promoting violence has led to the blocking of certain channels, causing a debate on the balance between free speech and preventing the incitement of violence.


Ukraine has made a significant advancement on the front lines in the hon region, attacking and liberating Nesta Island.

Nesta Island is strategically located between the streams of the nipro river and close to the Black Sea.

The liberation of Nesta Island could potentially allow Ukraine to expand its bridgehead and liberate more territory.

The situation in Kink is stabilized, with no advancement in recent months and Russia unable to push Ukrainians out.

Ukraine's control over the Kimbers Peninsula would grant them an additional port for goods and grain transportation.

Russia's defense lines in the area are not as robust as in other regions, potentially allowing for a Ukrainian advance.

Ukrainian Marines are responsible for controlling bridgeheads in aleski and kinki.

The Russian Airfield in kushes Village was attacked by Ukrainian UAVs, confirmed by satellite imagery.

Russia has removed aircraft from the damaged parking area, indicating the extent of the damage from the UAV attack.

Ukraine launched a strike on Cape of tanut, with circumstances of the attack still unknown.

Many civilian aircraft were destroyed in a Russian attack on the Ukrainian Airfield of kaminga in Neo City.

Russia has made significant advancements in the East, nearing the village of Alexandri.

Ukraine's defense lines appear to be disconnected and not as robust as Russia's.

Russia has not announced a new mobilization for their army, relying on volunteers and existing soldiers.

Ukrainian officials and managers held an urgent meeting, acknowledging the difficult situation in the East.

Ukraine is close to cutting Russian supply lines between bahm and ivanos, with videos of destroyed supply tracks released.

The Ukrainian General Commander confirmed that the situation on the front lines is complicated with Russia holding a significant advantage.

Reports suggest that Ukraine will receive F-16 fighter jets in the summer, which will face a challenging adversary in the Russian army.

A British defense minister hinted that Italy may supply Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine.

Ukraine faces a setback as Telegram channels used for military intelligence and communication were blocked.

The blockage of Telegram channels was a result of Ukrainian politicians' pressure on Apple to restrict the app.