Using the Style Raw parameter in Midjourney - Beginner Friendly

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7 Aug 202303:28

TLDRIn this video, the host discusses the use of the 'style raw' parameter in Midjourney, a tool for image generation. The 'style raw' parameter is often used to create more photorealistic images. The host provides examples of how adding 'style raw' to a prompt can change the output from a painting-like image to a more realistic one. They also mention that 'style raw' can enhance the professionalism of images by improving lighting and background correlation with the subject. However, it's noted that in some cases, like with a 'Divine energy hologram', 'style raw' may lead to a more dominant and realistic output, which could be less artistic. The video is aimed at beginners and encourages viewers to check out the host's blog for more free information on prompting techniques.


  • 🎨 **Style Raw Parameter**: A parameter in Midjourney that can be added to prompts to influence the image generation process.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ **Photorealistic Images**: Style Raw is often used to create more photorealistic images, making them look like professional photography.
  • 🐦 **Example with a Bird**: When a prompt generates an image that looks like a painting, adding Style Raw can make it appear more realistic.
  • πŸ“Έ **Fashion Shoot Realism**: In prompts that include photo shoots, Style Raw ensures a high likelihood of creating a realistic image.
  • πŸ’‘ **Lighting and Background**: Style Raw can enhance the lighting and background to correspond better with the subject, improving the overall image quality.
  • πŸ“ **Simplicity**: There's no need for extra words; Style Raw alone can make the image just as desired without additional modifications.
  • 🚫 **Avoiding Style Raw**: There are situations, like creating artistic outputs like holograms, where Style Raw might not be the best choice as it can make the image too realistic.
  • 🌟 **Dominant Output**: When using Style Raw, the elements mentioned in the prompt become more dominant, potentially altering the artistic vision.
  • 🎭 **Artistic vs. Realistic**: Users must decide whether they want an artistic output or a realistic one, as Style Raw leans towards the latter.
  • πŸ“š **Learning Resources**: The speaker has a blog where they post regularly about prompting, which is a valuable free resource for beginners.
  • πŸ”„ **Comparative Demonstration**: The script includes a demonstration of how adding Style Raw changes the output of the generated images.
  • ⏰ **Upcoming Content**: The speaker promises more information and future posts on the topic, indicating ongoing support for the community.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about the use of the 'style raw' parameter in Midjourney, which is a tool for image generation.

  • What does adding 'style raw' to a prompt typically achieve?

    -Adding 'style raw' to a prompt typically results in a more photorealistic image, making it look more professional with improved lighting and background correspondence.

  • What is an example given in the video to illustrate the use of 'style raw'?

    -An example given is prompting for a bird. Without 'style raw', the image looks like a painting or digital print. With 'style raw', the image becomes more realistic, resembling a photograph.

  • How does 'style raw' affect the creation of images when 'fashion shoot' is in the prompt?

    -When 'fashion shoot' is included in the prompt, Midjourney will create a realistic image most of the time. 'Style raw' can enhance this realism by making the images look more professional.

  • What is the blog mentioned in the video for?

    -The blog is for sharing more information about prompting, which is beneficial for beginners. It offers free content and is updated regularly with more insights.

  • What is the effect of 'style raw' on images that are already realistic?

    -Even for images that are already realistic, adding 'style raw' can make a significant improvement by enhancing the lighting and making the background correspond better with the subject.

  • In what situations might one choose not to use 'style raw'?

    -One might choose not to use 'style raw' when seeking a more artistic output rather than a realistic one. For instance, when creating a divine energy hologram, 'style raw' makes the hologram more dominant and realistic, whereas without it, the result is a more artistic piece.

  • What is the advice given for those who want to learn more about prompting?

    -The advice is to check out the blog mentioned in the video, which is dedicated to providing more information about prompting, especially for beginners.

  • What is the difference between the 'style raw' and non-'style raw' versions of an image?

    -The 'style raw' version tends to stay true to the words in the prompt, resulting in a more realistic and professional-looking image. The non-'style raw' version, on the other hand, often produces a more artistic and interpretative piece of artwork.

  • What is the final decision the user has to make when using 'style raw'?

    -The user has to decide whether they want a more artistic output or a more realistic one, as 'style raw' will lean towards the latter.

  • How does the video conclude?

    -The video concludes by encouraging viewers to apply what they've learned about 'style raw' in their own prompts and to look forward to the next video, which will be posted soon.

  • What is the purpose of the music in the video?

    -The music serves as a background element to make the video more engaging and to provide a pleasant listening experience for the viewers.



🎨 Introduction to Mid-Journey's Style Parameters

The speaker begins by introducing the topic of parameters in mid-journey image generation. They explain that these parameters are added to the prompt to influence how an image is created. The video will cover the 'style raw' parameter, which is often used to achieve a more photorealistic look in generated images. An example is provided where the speaker prompts the system to generate an image of a bird. The result without 'style raw' is a beautiful, artistic image, but when 'style raw' is added, the image becomes more realistic, resembling a professional photograph.




Midjourney refers to a specific point in a process or journey. In the context of the video, it is likely a reference to a software or tool used for image generation. The video discusses the parameters that can be used with this tool to influence the output of the generated images.


Parameters are variables or factors that can be set to control the behavior of a function or process. In this video, the focus is on the parameters that can be added to a prompt to change how an image is generated using the Midjourney tool.

πŸ’‘Style Raw

Style Raw is a parameter that can be used with the Midjourney tool to create more photorealistic images. It is mentioned as a commonly used parameter that can significantly alter the output to appear more professional and realistic.


Photorealistic refers to the quality of an image or visual representation that closely resembles a photograph. The video discusses how adding the Style Raw parameter can make the generated images appear more like real photographs.


A prompt is a statement or question that elicits a response or action. In the context of image generation, a prompt is a description or request that guides the software to create a specific image. The video provides examples of how different prompts can be used with the Style Raw parameter.

πŸ’‘Fashion Shoot

A fashion shoot is a photography session where models are photographed wearing fashion items. The video mentions that when a 'fashion shoot' is included in the prompt, the Midjourney tool tends to create a realistic image.

πŸ’‘Realistic Images

Realistic images are those that closely represent real-world objects, scenes, or people. The video discusses how the Style Raw parameter can be used to enhance the realism of generated images, making them look more like they were taken with a camera.


A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or a small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. The speaker mentions having a blog where they post regularly about prompting, which is related to the creation and use of prompts in image generation.

πŸ’‘Divine Energy Hologram

In the context of the video, a 'Divine Energy Hologram' is an example of a prompt that results in a different output when the Style Raw parameter is used. It demonstrates how the parameter can affect the balance between artistic and realistic representations.

πŸ’‘Artistic Output

Artistic output refers to the result or product of a creative process, which can be appreciated for its beauty or emotional power. The video contrasts artistic output with realistic images, suggesting that the choice between them depends on the user's intent for the generated image.

πŸ’‘Professional Looking

Professional looking describes an image or visual that has a polished, high-quality appearance, often associated with professional photography or design. The video suggests that adding the Style Raw parameter can make images look more professional.


Midjourney offers various parameters to influence image generation.

Style Raw is a commonly used parameter for more photorealistic images.

Adding Style Raw to your prompt can enhance the realism of generated images.

Specifying the subject in the prompt can lead to more accurate results.

Mid Journey often creates realistic images when a photo shoot is mentioned in the prompt.

Style Raw can improve the professional look of images by altering lighting and background.

The use of Style Raw simplifies the process of achieving desired image effects.

There are instances where Style Raw may not be preferred, such as with abstract concepts like divine energy.

Style Raw tends to produce more realistic outputs compared to non-Style Raw versions.

The decision to use Style Raw depends on whether you want an artistic or realistic output.

The speaker maintains a blog with more information on prompting techniques.

The blog is a free resource, particularly useful for beginners.

Examples are provided to illustrate the difference between images with and without Style Raw.

Style Raw can make a significant change to the image's appearance without additional words.

The speaker encourages viewers to ask themselves whether they prefer artistic or realistic outputs.

The video provides a clear understanding of how to use Style Raw in prompts.

Questions and comments are welcomed, and the next video will be posted soon.

The video concludes with a farewell message from the speaker.