AI繪圖一次就上手!深入實作教學 Midjourney niji journey ChatGPT v5

28 Apr 202334:22

TLDRThe video provides an in-depth tutorial on using the AI drawing tool Midjourney, which transforms text prompts into images. It covers the basic to advanced features, including the creation of commercial designs like logos, game art, and animation concept art. The video also demonstrates how to combine Midjourney with ChatGPT for enhanced image generation, discussing various settings like creation mode and aspect ratio. It introduces the official website interface, the Discord community, and the process of generating and refining images through prompts. The tutorial touches on the free trial suspension and the different subscription plans available. Additionally, it explores creating private spaces for image generation and introduces Niji Journey, a twin AI specializing in anime-style images. The presenter also suggests alternative software for a free trial and encourages viewers to subscribe for updates on AI tools.


  • 😀 介紹Midjourney和ChatGPT的功能:Midjourney專注於圖片生成,而ChatGPT專注於文字處理。
  • 🎨 Midjourney操作基礎:通过Discord平台使用,需了解基本指令和設定比例等設定。
  • 🤖 如何利用ChatGPT提升Midjourney的使用效果:通过生成高质量的提示,讓Midjourney生成更佳的圖片。
  • 👩‍🎨 創作模式和影像比例設定的重要性:這些設定影響生成圖片的風格和品质。
  • 📝 實際案例應用:描述如何生成商業設計圖案、遊戲概念圖、電影或動畫概念藝術等。
  • 🔧 高級設定技巧分享:包括使用不同的創作模式和調整風格值,以達到預期的藝術效果。
  • 🌐 Midjourney的免费试用已停止,需注意其付费方案和使用條件。
  • 🖼️ 如何建立個人私密空間和管理生成的圖片:介紹加密功能和多任务处理能力。
  • 🎞️ 使用Midjourney生成具有特定風格的圖片:通过调整输入的文本提示来改变结果。
  • 👩‍🏫 教學結束,强调Midjourney與ChatGPT的结合使用可以无需艺术背景即可创作出心中所想。

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of Midjourney?

    -Midjourney is an AI drawing robot designed to convert text prompts into images, suitable for a range of uses from graphic design to animation concept art.

  • How does Midjourney complement ChatGPT?

    -While ChatGPT is focused on text processing, Midjourney specializes in image processing. Together, they can be used to generate creative content where text descriptions from ChatGPT can be transformed into visual art by Midjourney.

  • What are the main features of Midjourney?

    -Midjourney's main features include the ability to generate images from text prompts, various commercial uses like game art design and film concept art, and settings for customization such as creation mode and image ratio.

  • How does Midjourney handle text input for image generation?

    -Midjourney processes text commands to generate images. It does not produce text content like ChatGPT but uses the text to create visual representations of the described scenes or concepts.

  • What is the role of a Prompt Engineer?

    -A Prompt Engineer specializes in crafting text prompts that guide AI, like Midjourney, to generate desired images. The arrangement and choice of words in the prompt significantly affect the final image output.

  • How does the AI model of Midjourney work?

    -The AI model of Midjourney works by converting the input text into images. It's more about entering keywords or writing a program that the AI interprets and translates into a visual format.

  • What are the different modes available in Midjourney for generating images?

    -Midjourney offers different creative modes such as MJ version 4 and MJ version 5 (V4 and V5), each with its strengths in generating certain styles of images, like super-real photos or anime styles.

  • How can one optimize the results of images generated by Midjourney?

    -One can optimize the results by adjusting settings like the creative mode, style value, and using advanced features like the incognito mode for private image generation. Combining these with well-crafted prompts enhances the output.

  • What are the different subscription plans available for Midjourney?

    -Midjourney offers monthly subscription plans that include a basic $10 plan for about 200 images, a $30 plan with unlimited image generation and 15 fast generation hours, and a $60 Pro plan with additional features like incognito mode and up to 12 simultaneous tasks.

  • How can one create a private creation space on Midjourney?

    -Users can create a private creation space by setting up their own Discord server, adding the Midjourney Bot to it, and then generating images within their own server channels or through direct messages.

  • What is the relationship between Midjourney and niji journey?

    -Niji journey is a specialized AI robot for generating Japanese anime-style pictures, similar to Midjourney but with the added capability of accepting Chinese input and focusing on anime-style image generation.



🎨 Introduction to AI Drawing with Midjourney

The video begins with an introduction to AI drawing, specifically focusing on the AI drawing robot Midjourney. It mentions that the video will cover everything from the basics to advanced features of Midjourney. The presenter also highlights the complementary nature of Midjourney and ChatGPT, with the former handling image processing and the latter text processing. The video promises to explore the main features of Midjourney, its commercial uses in areas like graphic design, game art, and animation, and how to generate drafts using the AI. It also addresses Midjourney's limitations with text generation and suggests using third-party apps for refinement.


🖼️ Midjourney's Drawing Process and Settings

This paragraph delves into the process of using Midjourney for drawing. It explains that Midjourney operates by converting text prompts into images, akin to entering keywords. The video demonstrates how to use the 'slash Imagine' function and the importance of constructing effective prompts. It also discusses the role of a 'Prompt Engineer' and the impact of the order and choice of words in a prompt. The paragraph outlines the components of a prompt, including theme, background, style, medium, and color/lighting, and how to input settings like the aspect ratio. The video also touches on the gallery feature of Midjourney's official website and the use of Discord for community interaction.


🔄 Exploring Midjourney's Image Generation Options

The video continues by showing how to generate images using Midjourney, including the use of the Upscale (U) and Variation (V) buttons to refine and diversify the generated images. It also discusses the possibility of generating different results with the same prompt and the process of selecting and refining images to one's satisfaction. The presenter mentions the ability to download generated images and the option to start over with a redo if the results are not satisfactory. Additionally, it covers the settings for optimizing image results, such as choosing between different AI models like MJ version 4 and MJ version 5, and the impact of these models on the realism and style of the generated images.


📈 Advanced Prompt Writing and ChatGPT Integration

This section focuses on the challenges of writing effective prompts for Midjourney and how ChatGPT can assist in this process. It introduces the concept of using ChatGPT to generate high-quality prompts by role-playing as a Midjourney prompt generator. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to instruct ChatGPT to produce prompts based on specific themes, styles, and other criteria. It also shows how to provide feedback to ChatGPT to refine the prompts and avoid misinterpretations. The presenter demonstrates how to use these prompts with Midjourney to generate images, including logos and web page designs.


🌐 Creating Web and App Designs with Midjourney

The video moves on to discuss how to use Midjourney for creating web and app designs. It explains the importance of using specific keywords to avoid generating unwanted device images and how to switch between different modes like V4 and V5 for varied results. The presenter also introduces the method of referencing an existing image by URL when generating new prompts, allowing Midjourney to create similar images. The video demonstrates how to generate prompts for app designs using ChatGPT and how to use these prompts to create sketches that can be used in design proposals.


📸 Generating Realistic Photos and Landscapes

This part of the video explores the use of Midjourney's v5 mode for generating realistic photos and landscapes. It discusses the process of specifying the type of photography desired, such as street photography or movie stills, and how to use ChatGPT to generate prompts that align with these styles. The presenter also addresses the limitations of character gaze in v5 mode and suggests ways to adjust prompts for better results. The video concludes with a demonstration of generating natural landscape photos without specifying a location, showcasing the creative potential of combining ChatGPT and Midjourney.


💰 Midjourney's Pricing Plans and Private Workspaces

The final paragraph covers Midjourney's pricing plans, including monthly and annual options, and the features offered at each tier, such as the number of images generated per month and the availability of fast generation times. It also discusses the Pro plan's incognito feature for private content creation, which is particularly useful for commercial or confidential projects. The video then explains how to create a private workspace on Midjourney by setting up a server and adding the Midjourney Bot to it. It briefly mentions the existence of niji journey, a twin AI specializing in anime-style images, and suggests alternative software for those who wish to explore similar tools without a financial commitment.



💡AI drawing

AI drawing refers to the process of creating visual art through artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it involves using AI robots like Midjourney to generate images from textual prompts, which can be used for graphic design, game art, and other commercial applications.


Midjourney is an AI drawing robot that is a central focus of the video. It is used to convert text prompts into images, offering various features like different creation modes and aspect ratio settings. It is depicted as a tool that can be used by individuals without artistic talent to bring their ideas to life.


ChatGPT is an AI text processing robot mentioned in the video as complementary to Midjourney. It is used for generating text prompts that can then be used with Midjourney to create images. The combination of ChatGPT and Midjourney is shown to enhance the AI drawing process.


Prompts are the textual inputs or instructions given to AI drawing robots like Midjourney to guide the image generation process. They are crucial for defining the theme, style, and other elements of the desired artwork. The video explains how to construct effective prompts for Midjourney.


Discord is a communication platform that hosts the Midjourney AI as a bot within its community. Users interact with the Midjourney bot on Discord to generate images. The video mentions Discord as the interface where users can input prompts and receive generated images.

💡Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio in the context of the video refers to the proportional relationship between the width and the height of an image. Midjourney allows users to set the aspect ratio, which is important for determining the shape and orientation of the generated pictures.

💡Upscale and Variation

Upscale (U) and Variation (V) are actions that can be performed on generated images in Midjourney. Upscaling improves the resolution of a selected image, while Variation creates a new set of images with slight modifications to the original, offering different takes on the same concept.

💡Niji mode

Niji mode is a specific setting within Midjourney that is used for generating anime-style images. It is mentioned as a popular mode for creating images in a particular style, demonstrating Midjourney's versatility in different artistic styles.

💡Style Value

The Style value in Midjourney is a setting that controls the divergence of AI creation. A lower Style value results in more conservative image generation based on the prompt, while a higher Style value allows for more creative freedom and variability in the output.

💡Commercial Use

Commercial use in the context of the video refers to the ability to use images generated by Midjourney for business or revenue-generating purposes. The video discusses Midjourney's commercial use policy, which allows for the use of its generated images in various professional contexts.

💡Private Space

Private space in the video refers to the user's personal area within the Midjourney platform on Discord where they can generate and view their images without crowding with others. It is a feature that allows for a more personalized and exclusive creative environment.


Midjourney is an AI drawing robot that can generate images from text prompts.

ChatGPT and Midjourney complement each other, with ChatGPT for text and Midjourney for image processing.

Midjourney can be used for various commercial applications like graphic design, game art, and animation concept art.

The AI model of Midjourney converts text into images, functioning more like a keyword entry system.

Midjourney's interface includes a generation area and a display area for the created images.

The AI is integrated into Discord, allowing users to interact and generate images through commands.

Midjourney is currently suspending its free trial due to abuse, with no announced resumption date.

Users can create their own private space on Discord for personalized image generation.

The creative process involves entering a slash command followed by a prompt to generate images.

Prompts are structured with themes, styles, and media, affecting the final image generated by Midjourney.

Midjourney offers different AI models, such as V4 and V5, each with unique strengths in image generation.

The V5 model of Midjourney has improved in drawing details like eyes and hands.

Niji mode in Midjourney is tailored for generating anime-style images.

ChatGPT can assist in writing high-quality prompts for Midjourney, streamlining the image creation process.

Users can give feedback to ChatGPT for refining the prompts and achieving desired outcomes.

Midjourney's paid plans offer varying features, including commercial use, fast generation times, and privacy options.

The Pro plan of Midjourney allows for private image generation and increased fast generation hours.

Niji Journey is a specialized AI for creating Japanese anime-style images and accepts Chinese input.

Alternative software to Midjourney includes Bing Image Creator, offering a different approach to AI-generated images.