DALLE 2 Tutorial on How to Use all the Editing and Image Features!

1 Mar 202317:12

TLDRThis tutorial offers an in-depth exploration of DALLE 2, an AI-driven image generation platform. It covers how to input prompts to create images, the ability to edit and refine these images, and the option to generate variations. The video also discusses the creation of collections and favorites, the use of credits, and the potential for copyrighted art issues. The speaker shares their experiences with the platform's accuracy and rawness, noting both impressive and concerning outputs. They highlight DALLE 2's user-friendly interface, quick generation times, and the value of its credits, while also pointing out its limitations, such as the inability to use celebrity images. The tutorial concludes with an optimistic outlook on DALLE 2's future and the potential impact of AI art platforms on various industries.


  • 🎨 Dolly 2 is an AI art platform that can generate images from text prompts, suitable for both beginners and advanced content creators.
  • 📷 Users can input a prompt, and Dolly 2 will create images, offering the option to download, edit, or create variations of the generated images.
  • 🖼️ The platform allows for the creation of collections and favorites, as well as a history of prompts used, which can be accessed for reference.
  • 💳 Dolly 2 operates on a credit system, with a monthly allowance of free credits and the option to purchase more if needed.
  • 🤖 The AI sometimes struggles with accuracy, particularly with specific requests like including a monkey in the scene or creating realistic representations of certain scenarios.
  • 🚫 There are limitations when it comes to using copyrighted or celebrity images, which cannot be used in prompts according to Dolly 2's policies.
  • 👐 Dolly 2 has difficulty with certain elements like hands, which may appear distorted or incorrectly represented in the generated images.
  • 🧩 The platform offers an 'edit' feature that allows users to make adjustments to the images, including the use of an eraser tool to fill in areas.
  • 🌐 Dolly 2 can fuse generated images with uploaded photos, creating a seamless blend of AI and real-world imagery.
  • 🚀 Despite its inaccuracies, Dolly 2 is impressively fast and can produce high-quality images, especially when given simple and clear prompts.
  • 🔍 The platform is still in beta and is expected to evolve, potentially becoming a premier AI art platform in the future.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the Dolly interface?

    -The main purpose of the Dolly interface is to generate images from text prompts using its AI brain.

  • How does the Dolly interface handle multiple elements in a prompt?

    -The Dolly interface can sometimes neglect certain elements in a prompt, but it can also generate images that closely match the user's request.

  • What feature allows users to refine their generated images in Dolly?

    -The 'variations' feature allows users to create more variations of the original image, and the 'edit' feature allows for further customization.

  • How can users organize their generated images in Dolly?

    -Users can create collections or mark certain images as favorites for easy access and organization.

  • What are 'credits' in the context of Dolly, and how are they used?

    -Credits in Dolly are a form of currency used to generate images. Users receive a certain amount of credits per month for free, and additional credits must be purchased if needed.

  • What are some limitations Dolly has when generating images?

    -Dolly sometimes struggles with accuracy, particularly with hands and specific details in the prompt. It also has restrictions on generating images involving celebrities.

  • How does Dolly handle the creation of realistic images?

    -Dolly can produce highly realistic images, especially when given simple prompts like 'a Picasso painting of...'

  • What is the process for editing an image in Dolly?

    -To edit an image, users can click on the three dots next to the image, select 'edit image', and use various tools such as the generation frame, eraser tool, and upload image feature.

  • How does Dolly's AI handle complex prompts?

    -Dolly can dissect and understand complex prompts, but the accuracy of the generated images may vary, and it may not always produce what the user is specifically asking for.

  • What are some ethical concerns raised by the use of Dolly's AI?

    -There are concerns that Dolly's AI may be learning from and generating variations of copyrighted artwork without permission.

  • What are the potential future implications of using Dolly for content creators and businesses?

    -Dolly could become a premier AI art platform, but as it evolves and becomes more widely used, there may be cost increases and more stringent policies regarding the use of generated images.



🎨 Dolly AI Art Generator Overview

This paragraph introduces the Dolly AI art generator, emphasizing its comprehensive tutorial and suitability for both beginners and advanced content creators. The speaker demonstrates how Dolly transforms text prompts into images using its AI capabilities. An example prompt is given to create an image of an angry gorilla eating Mars with a watching monkey, and the results are discussed. The interface allows users to select the best image, download, edit, and create variations. The paragraph also touches on the use of credits, the creation of collections and favorites, and the potential for Dolly to learn from copyrighted art.


🖼️ Dolly's Art Generation and Editing Features

The second paragraph delves into Dolly's art generation process, showcasing its ability to create realistic and abstract images based on prompts. The speaker shares their experiences with Dolly's output, which sometimes misses the mark but can also be surprisingly accurate. Concerns are raised about the program's use of copyrighted material and its limitations in generating certain prompts accurately. The paragraph also highlights Dolly's quick generation times and the speaker's reluctance to invest in the platform until it matures further. The edit feature is introduced, allowing users to manipulate and combine images creatively.


🐾 Customizing and Fusing Artwork with Dolly

In this paragraph, the speaker explores Dolly's customization options, such as adding frames and generating new images based on user prompts. The fusion of generated images is discussed, along with the ability to erase and fill parts of an image. The speaker shares an example of fusing a real-life photo with a generated image to create a unique piece of art. The paragraph also mentions the nostalgic aspect of creating artwork in a similar way to collecting stamps and the potential for combining Dolly with other AI art programs.


🚧 Dolly's Limitations and Future Potential

The final paragraph discusses the limitations of Dolly, including its inaccuracy in certain prompts and restrictions on using celebrities in art. The speaker acknowledges that Dolly is still in beta and expects it to improve over time. They also speculate on the future cost of using Dolly as it becomes more integrated into various business models. The paragraph concludes with a teaser for future tutorials on AI art platforms and a note of appreciation for the viewers.



💡Dolly 2

Dolly 2 is an AI-based image generation platform that transforms text prompts into images using its AI 'brain'. It is capable of creating a variety of images based on the input provided by users, which can then be edited or used to create variations. The platform is highlighted in the video for its ability to generate images quickly and is also discussed in terms of its potential and limitations for content creators and artists.

💡AI Brain

The term 'AI Brain' refers to the artificial intelligence system within Dolly 2 that interprets the user's text prompts and generates corresponding images. It is the core technology behind the platform's image creation capabilities. In the video, the AI Brain is praised for its speed and ability to generate images in seconds, but also noted for occasional inaccuracies in understanding the prompts.

💡Image Variations

Image variations are the different versions of an image generated by Dolly 2 based on the initial prompt. The video demonstrates how users can select an image and then request additional variations, which can be further refined or edited. This feature is significant as it allows for a range of creative options and flexibility in the final output.

💡Collections and Favorites

Collections and Favorites are organizational tools within Dolly 2 that allow users to save and categorize their generated images. Collections can be created for different themes or projects, while Favorites can be used to mark preferred images for quick access. These features are showcased in the video as ways to manage and keep track of the artwork created on the platform.


Credits in Dolly 2 are the virtual currency used to generate images. Each image generation or variation creation consumes a certain number of credits, which are provided to users on a monthly basis. If a user runs out of free credits, they can purchase more. The video discusses the credit system as a way to manage the usage of the platform and its services.

💡Copyrighted Art

The video raises concerns about Dolly 2 potentially using copyrighted art to generate its images. It is suggested that the AI may be learning from existing artworks, which could lead to legal and ethical issues. This is a critical point as it discusses the platform's reliance on AI learning and the potential for copyright infringement.

💡Realistic Images

Realistic images refer to the photo-like quality that some of the generated images from Dolly 2 possess. The video contrasts Dolly 2's output with other platforms, noting that it can produce more realistic and detailed images, which are appreciated for their artistic value and potential use in professional settings.

💡Editing Features

Editing features in Dolly 2 allow users to make adjustments to their generated images, such as erasing parts of an image and replacing them with new elements. The video demonstrates how these tools can be used to refine images and create unique compositions, emphasizing the platform's flexibility and creative potential.


A 'frame' in the context of Dolly 2 is a tool that enables users to add new sections to their images where they can input additional prompts for the AI to generate related artwork. The video shows how frames can be used to create complex and layered images by fusing multiple generated pieces together.

💡Eraser Tool

The eraser tool is a feature within Dolly 2's editing suite that allows users to remove parts of an image and have the AI fill in the erased area. It is likened to a content-aware fill tool in Photoshop. The video illustrates how this tool can be used to modify images and create new compositions by removing unwanted elements.

💡Upload Image

The ability to upload an image in Dolly 2 is showcased as a way to incorporate real-life photos or artwork into the generated images. The video demonstrates how users can upload their own images and then use the platform's AI to add new elements or modify the uploaded content, creating a blend of AI-generated and user-provided visuals.


Dolly 2 is a comprehensive AI art platform suitable for both beginners and advanced content creators.

The AI generates images based on text prompts, offering a range of creative possibilities.

Users can select and edit images generated by Dolly 2, including creating variations and downloading the final product.

Dolly 2 allows users to create collections and mark favorites for easy access to frequently used images.

The platform operates on a credit system, with a monthly allowance of free credits for image generation.

The AI sometimes struggles with accuracy, particularly with specific requests like a 'sloth playing chess against a rabbit'.

Dolly 2 has been criticized for potentially using copyrighted artwork in its image generation process.

The AI can produce realistic photographs and paintings, such as a 'Picasso painting of a homeless man'.

Dolly 2 has difficulty accurately depicting hands and may generate images with deformed or incorrect number of fingers.

The platform offers an 'edit feature' allowing users to make adjustments to generated images.

Users can add 'generation frames' to create a sequence of images that fuse together seamlessly.

The eraser tool can be used to remove parts of an image and fill it in with AI-generated content.

Dolly 2 can upload and edit real-life captures, such as a personal photograph.

The platform is user-friendly, quick, and offers realistic image generation, but is not yet fully accurate.

Dolly 2 is currently in beta and does not allow for the creation of images featuring celebrities.

The platform provides free credits for new accounts and offers additional credits at a relatively low cost.

Dolly 2 has the potential to become a premier AI art platform, but is still evolving and improving.

The tutorial demonstrates the impressive capabilities of Dolly 2, including its ability to generate and edit complex artwork.