How to build an AI MODEL that makes $11,000 per month

12 Dec 202314:41

TLDRThe article from Business Insider discusses the creation of an AI model named Itana Lopez by a Spanish agency, which was frustrated with the egos of real models. Lopez, an AI-generated model, earns up to $11,000 per month and has over 226,000 followers on Instagram. The founder of a Barcelona-based modeling agency, Ruben Cruz, designed Lopez to overcome the challenges of working with real models and influencers. The AI model is consistent, won't cancel posts, and can be featured in various advertisements. The article also explores the use of AI tools like Dolly 3 and Mid Journey to create realistic AI model images, and the process of setting up an AI influencer on social media platforms. It concludes with the creation of an AI influencer named Nora Lewis, providing a step-by-step guide on generating images, creating an Instagram account, and using AI tools for captions and bio.


  • 📰 An AI model named Itana Lopez, created by a Spanish agency, earns up to $11,000 per month, serving as a solution to the challenges of working with real models and influencers.
  • 💡 Itana Lopez is an AI-generated model with a distinctive pink hair and has amassed over 226,000 followers on Instagram, showcasing the potential of AI in social media influence.
  • 🤖 The AI model is designed to be more reliable than human models, ensuring that advertisements and posts are consistently made without cancellations or delays.
  • 🎨 The founder of a Barcelona-based modeling agency, Ruben Cruz, created Itana Lopez to overcome difficulties in working with real models.
  • 📈 AI model numbers are rising, indicating a growing trend towards the use of AI in influencer marketing and social media presence.
  • 🖼️ Midjourney, an AI image generator, is used to create realistic images for the AI model, offering a more effective alternative to Dolly 3 for this purpose.
  • 💰 The AI influencer can earn between $3,000 to $10,000 per month, demonstrating the monetization potential of AI models in the digital space.
  • 📸 A consistent character is maintained for the AI model by using a seed image in Midjourney, ensuring that each generated image resembles the original character.
  • 🌐 The AI model's Instagram account is named Nora Lewis, created with the help of chat GPT for generating female full names.
  • 📝 The process of creating an AI influencer includes generating a base model, using a seed image for consistency, and creating content with the help of AI tools like chat GPT and image caption generators.
  • 📈 The success of AI influencers like Itana Lopez and Nora Lewis highlights the growing acceptance and integration of AI in the field of digital marketing and social media.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the article from Business Insider?

    -The article discusses an AI model named Itana Lopez, created by a Spanish agency, which earns up to $11,000 per month. It was designed as an alternative to real models and influencers, who sometimes have egos and cause projects to be delayed or cancelled.

  • Who is the founder of the Barcelona-based modeling agency that created Itana Lopez?

    -Ruben Cruz is the founder of the Barcelona-based modeling agency that created the AI model Itana Lopez.

  • How many followers does Itana Lopez's Instagram account have?

    -Itana Lopez's Instagram account has amassed over 226,000 followers.

  • What is the significance of Itana Lopez's pink hair?

    -Itana Lopez's pink hair serves as a defining characteristic that helps maintain consistency and makes her easily recognizable across different posts.

  • What is the role of AI models in the influencer market?

    -AI models like Itana Lopez can be used in advertising and social media campaigns, providing a consistent and reliable presence without the potential issues associated with real models, such as cancellations or disagreements over content.

  • How much does an AI influencer typically earn per month?

    -According to the article, an AI influencer can earn anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 per month.

  • What are some ethical considerations mentioned in the comments about AI models?

    -Some ethical considerations include the fact that people may not be aware that the model is AI, which could lead to confusion or deception. Additionally, there are concerns about the impact on real models and the authenticity of AI-generated content.

  • Which AI tools were mentioned for creating an AI model?

    -The tools mentioned for creating an AI model are Dolly 3 and Mid Journey, with the latter being chosen for its more realistic and photo-like outputs.

  • What is the process for generating images with Mid Journey?

    -To generate images with Mid Journey, one must subscribe to the service, join the Mid Journey server on Discord, and use the 'slash imagine' command followed by a detailed prompt to generate images that match the desired style and characteristics.

  • How can one ensure consistency in the generated images of an AI model?

    -Consistency can be ensured by using a seed image, which is an initial image that the AI uses as a reference to generate new images with a similar style and features.

  • What is the fallback plan if future generations of an AI model's face do not look the same?

    -The fallback plan involves using an AI face swapper, such as Insight Face, which can be added to a Discord server to adjust future outputs to look like the original seed image.

  • How can one generate ideas for Instagram images of an AI model?

    -One can use chat GPT, specifically a custom GPT called 'image caption generator', to generate ideas for different types of Instagram images, such as athletic shoots, seasonal splendor, or street style.



🤖 Introduction to AI Influencer Itana Lopez

The first paragraph introduces an AI influencer named Itana Lopez, created by a Spanish agency frustrated with the egos of real models. Itana is an AI model capable of earning up to €11,000 per month, featured on platforms like Fan View and Instagram, where she has amassed over 226,000 followers. The agency's founder, Ruben Cruz, designed Itana to overcome the challenges of working with real models and influencers. The paragraph also discusses the ethical considerations of AI models and the potential for AI influencer earnings.


🖼️ Creating an AI Influencer with Midjourney

The second paragraph details the process of creating an AI influencer using an AI image generator called Midjourney. The user subscribes to Midjourney, sets up a Discord server, and uses a specific prompt to generate a base AI influencer model. The paragraph explains how to use the generated images as seeds for future consistent character outputs and mentions a fallback plan using an AI face swapper. It also provides tips on generating ideas for Instagram images and creating a consistent style across posts.


📈 Launching Nora Lewis: An AI Influencer on Instagram

The third paragraph outlines the steps to launch an AI influencer named Nora Lewis on Instagram. It covers the process of selecting a photo as a seed image, generating additional images with varying prompts, and using an AI tool to generate captions and hashtags for the posts. The paragraph also includes creating a bio for the AI influencer, suggesting the use of a link tree, and optimizing the profile for discoverability with relevant keywords and hashtags. It concludes with a mention of a custom GPT tool for generating content specifically for AI influencers.



💡AI Model

An AI Model, in the context of the video, refers to an artificially intelligent character or entity designed to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. In this case, it is an AI-generated influencer named Itana Lopez, created by a Spanish agency, which is capable of earning revenue through social media endorsements and advertisements, similar to a human influencer.


An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience. The video discusses AI-generated influencers, which are virtual personalities that can promote products and brands on social media platforms like Instagram, without the challenges associated with real human influencers.

💡Business Insider

Business Insider is a news website that offers fast-info on business, tech, and other related topics. In the video, it is the source of the article that introduces the concept of an AI model earning revenue, highlighting the intersection of technology and business in the modern world.

💡AI Generated Characters

AI generated characters are virtual entities created using artificial intelligence. These characters can be used in various applications, from entertainment to marketing. The video talks about the rise of AI characters in social media and their potential to replace human models and influencers in certain contexts.

💡Social Media Endorsements

Social media endorsements refer to the act of promoting a product or service through social media channels. Influencers, including AI models like Itana Lopez, can earn income by endorsing brands and products to their followers. The video discusses how AI models can be used for such endorsements, providing a consistent and reliable form of advertising.


Discord is a communication platform that allows users to communicate over voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and media and file sharing. In the video, it is used as a platform to integrate AI tools like Midjourney and Insight Face Swapper for generating and managing AI influencer content.


Midjourney is an AI image generator specifically designed to create realistic images. The video demonstrates how it is used to generate images of the AI model, which are then used to create a consistent character across different social media posts.


Instagram is a social media platform focused on sharing photos and videos. The video discusses the strategy of creating an Instagram account for the AI model, using it as a platform to amass followers and generate revenue through sponsored posts and endorsements.

💡Ethical Considerations

Ethical considerations refer to the moral principles that guide actions and decisions. The video briefly touches on the ethical implications of using AI models, such as the potential for deception if followers are not aware that the influencer is not a real person.

💡AI Influencer

An AI influencer is a virtual character created using artificial intelligence that can perform tasks similar to a human social media influencer. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to create an AI influencer, including generating images, creating a social media presence, and developing a consistent character.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model that can generate human-like text based on prompts. In the video, it is used to generate ideas for Instagram images, captions, and even to come up with a name for the AI influencer. It represents the use of AI to assist in content creation and idea generation.


An AI model created by a Spanish agency earns up to $11,000 per month, surpassing real models.

The AI model, Itana Lopez, has over 124,000 followers on Instagram and is featured in various images on fan-view platforms.

Ruben Cruz, the founder of the Barcelona-based modeling agency, created Itana Lopez as an AI-generated woman.

Itana Lopez is characterized as a pink-haired, 25-year-old model with interests in gaming, fitness, and cosplay.

AI-generated characters, like Itana Lopez, are predicted to become common on platforms like fan-view.

The AI influencer earns between $3,000 to $10,000 per month, showcasing the financial potential of AI models.

The article highlights ethical considerations regarding AI models, as some commenters fail to recognize Itana Lopez as AI.

The creator, Ruben Cruz, developed Itana Lopez after facing challenges with real models and influencers.

AI models like Itana Lopez ensure consistency in advertising, as they don't cancel or delay projects.

Fan-view, a subscription platform similar to OnlyFans, utilizes Itana Lopez's images and charges subscription fees.

The rise of AI models is evidenced by examples like Emily Pelini, who has over 100,000 followers.

The transcript details the process of creating an AI influencer using tools like DALL-E 3 and Mid Journey.

Mid Journey, an AI image generator, offers more realistic outputs compared to DALL-E 3, albeit at a cost.

The process involves generating a base AI influencer model and maintaining consistency in style and appearance.

Insight face swap is added as a fallback plan to ensure consistency in facial features across generated images.

The transcript includes practical steps for creating an AI influencer, from generating images to creating an Instagram profile.