Make Printables that SELL with AI ($15,507/month)

Sandra Di
25 Apr 202313:12

TLDRThe video transcript outlines a strategy for creating and selling printables using AI tools, which can potentially earn thousands of dollars per month. The host introduces four AI platforms—Kittl, Creative Fabrica, NightCafe, and Midjourney—that generate high-quality artwork and printables. The transcript provides detailed instructions on how to use these tools, including crafting prompts for AI image generation and making adjustments for uniqueness. It also emphasizes the importance of marketing and advertising in sales, as well as the need to understand licensing terms for commercial use. The host shares tips on creating various types of printables, such as landscape wall art, city artwork, adult coloring pages, and planner pages, and suggests using platforms like Etsy for inspiration and sales. The summary serves as a guide for aspiring digital product creators to leverage AI technology for passive income.


  • 🌟 Use AI tools to create printables that can be sold for passive income without the need to create or ship physical products.
  • 🎨 Identify popular products on platforms like Etsy to validate what sells well before creating your own AI artwork.
  • 🖼️ Kittl is a graphic design software with an AI feature that allows you to create oil painting style images with custom prompts.
  • 🌄 Generate landscape wall art with AI, such as watercolor styles, and consider adding quotes to make them unique, as seen in successful Etsy shops.
  • 💧 Creative Fabrica's CF Spark allows you to generate AI images from prompts and offers a prompt book for inspiration.
  • 🌃 NightCafe is another AI tool that can create detailed gouache style city artwork, and it's beneficial to test different styles and prompts.
  • 📈 Midjourney is a text-to-image generator that requires Discord and can be used to create intricate adult coloring pages and planner pages.
  • 📊 ChatGPT, a free AI tool, can provide ideas for specific types of planners, like fitness planners, which can be niche markets on Etsy.
  • 🎭 Customize your AI-generated images further with tools like Photoshop or Kittl to adjust hues, saturation, and add text or borders.
  • 📚 Understand the licensing terms of the AI images you generate, as they vary between platforms and may require a paid subscription for commercial use.
  • 🔗 Sign up for platforms like Kittl and Creative Fabrica using provided links to start creating and testing their features for free.
  • 👍 Engage with the content by liking the video if you find it helpful, and consider leaving comments for further assistance or tool recommendations.

Q & A

  • What are printables and how do they benefit the seller?

    -Printables are digital products that customers can download and print themselves. They benefit sellers by eliminating the need to create or ship physical products, which means most of the revenue generated is profit and can be considered passive income.

  • How does the speaker validate the market for AI-generated printables?

    -The speaker validates the market by looking at what's selling well online, particularly on platforms like Etsy, which is a marketplace for digital downloads. They look for successful shops selling similar products to confirm that there is a market for AI-generated printables.

  • What is the first AI tool mentioned for creating landscape printable wall art, and how does it work?

    -The first AI tool mentioned is Kittl, which is a graphic design software with a new AI feature. Users can create different styles of images by opening an art board and selecting the desired image style, such as oil painting. They then input a prompt to guide the AI in generating the artwork.

  • How can one enhance the AI-generated images to make them unique?

    -One can enhance AI-generated images by making adjustments to elements like brightness, contrast, and saturation. Additionally, users can add text, borders, or other design elements to further customize the images and make them stand out.

  • What is the revenue potential for selling landscape printable wall art on Etsy?

    -The revenue potential is significant. The speaker mentions a shop that has made over 51,000 sales and earns over $15,000 in revenue per month, and another shop with over 300,000 sales earning more than $66,000 in revenue.

  • How does the speaker suggest using Creative Fabrica to generate AI images?

    -The speaker suggests using Creative Fabrica's CF Spark feature to generate AI images based on a prompt. Users can customize the style of artwork and generate multiple images to choose from. They can also create variations of a selected image to refine the design.

  • What is the advantage of using NightCafe for creating city artwork?

    -NightCafe allows users to generate a variety of styles, including detailed gouache and photo styles. It offers the flexibility to create both colorful and black and white city artwork, and users can upscale and download high-quality images with a subscription.

  • How does the speaker propose to create adult coloring pages and printable planner pages using AI?

    -The speaker proposes using Midjourney, a text-to-image generator, to create intricate adult coloring pages and printable planner pages. They provide prompts to the AI within Midjourney's Discord server to generate the desired images.

  • What is the process for generating AI images with Midjourney?

    -To generate AI images with Midjourney, users join their Discord server and write out their prompt in the designated channel. They then type in /image followed by the prompt. The AI generates images based on the prompt, which can be upscaled and downloaded for use.

  • What are the licensing terms for the AI images generated by the platforms mentioned?

    -The licensing terms for AI images vary by platform. Many platforms, including those mentioned in the script, allow the use of these images with a commercial license, especially if the user has a paid subscription. It's important to read the terms of use for each platform in detail.

  • How does the speaker suggest improving the planner page templates generated by Midjourney?

    -The speaker suggests cropping out the planner pages and placing them into a tool like Kittl or Canva. There, users can adjust the transparency, lock the page in the background, and add their own text boxes and elements to customize the template to their liking.



🎨 Discovering Profitable AI Artwork for Print Sales

The speaker introduces the concept of using AI tools to create and sell printable digital products, which are profitable due to the lack of physical product creation or shipping. They discuss their experience with various platforms and highlight four tools for creating AI artwork and printables. The video aims to guide viewers on how to make their printables unique and competitive in the online market. The speaker draws inspiration from successful Etsy shops and demonstrates how to use Kittl, an AI graphic design software, to create landscape printable wall art in an oil painting style.


🌄 Creating and Customizing Landscape Wall Art

The speaker shares their process of creating landscape wall art using AI tools, specifically focusing on Kittl and Creative Fabrica. They provide a step-by-step guide on how to use these platforms to generate images based on specific prompts. The speaker also discusses the importance of making adjustments to the generated images to make them unique and discusses the subscription plans required to access the full features of these platforms. They also mention the potential revenue from selling such art, as evidenced by successful Etsy shops, and provide tips on how to enhance the images with additional elements like text and borders.


🏙️ Generating City Artwork and Exploring Print Variations

The speaker explores the creation of city artwork using NightCafe, another AI image generation tool. They discuss the process of generating images with different styles and prompts and making adjustments to these images using Kittl. The speaker also touches on the topic of creating black and white city photographs and provides a brief guide on how to upscale and download high-quality images from NightCafe. They then shift the focus to creating intricate adult coloring pages and printable planner pages using AI, specifically mentioning the use of Midjourney and ChatGPT for generating ideas and content for these printables.

📈 Leveraging AI for Print Sales and Understanding Licensing Terms

The speaker concludes by discussing the use of AI-generated images for commercial purposes, emphasizing the importance of understanding the licensing terms of each platform. They share their personal experience with the subscription plans of the mentioned tools and invite viewers to provide feedback on which tools they would like to see covered in more detail in future videos. The speaker also encourages viewers to sign up for Kittl and Creative Fabrica, highlighting their usefulness in creating digital products, and ends with a call to action for likes and engagement for the video.




Printables refer to digital products that customers can download and print on their own. They are significant in the context of the video as they represent the primary items to be created and sold using AI tools. The video discusses how to generate these products and sell them on platforms like Etsy, emphasizing their profitability due to the lack of physical shipping.

💡AI Tools

AI tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to assist in tasks such as graphic design and content creation. In the video, the presenter discusses several AI tools like Kittl, Creative Fabrica, NightCafe, and Midjourney, which are used to create artwork and printables for selling online. These tools are central to the video's theme of generating income through the creation and sale of digital products.


Etsy is an online marketplace known for handmade, vintage items, and craft supplies. It is highlighted in the video as an ideal platform for selling digital downloads, such as the printables created using AI. The presenter uses Etsy as a source of inspiration and validation for the types of products that are selling well.


Kittl is an AI-powered graphic design software mentioned in the video. It is used to create high-quality printables by utilizing its AI feature to generate artwork based on specific prompts. The presenter demonstrates how to use Kittl to create landscape wall art and customize the images for uniqueness.

💡Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a platform that offers graphics and fonts for digital products and includes a feature called CF Spark for generating AI images. The video shows how to use Creative Fabrica to create watercolor-style landscape art and emphasizes its usefulness in the process of creating and selling printables.


NightCafe is an AI art creation platform that allows users to generate images based on their prompts. It is featured in the video for creating city artwork with styles like detailed gouache and photo styles. The platform is used to produce unique city-themed images that can be sold as printables.


Midjourney is a text-to-image generator used in the video to create intricate adult coloring pages and printable planner pages. The presenter demonstrates how to use Midjourney by joining their Discord server and generating images based on specific prompts provided in the software.


Prompts are the descriptive phrases or sentences that users input into AI tools to guide the creation of images or artwork. In the video, the presenter uses various prompts to generate different styles of artwork, such as 'spring meadow with small white flowers' and 'walking in the City of Paris,' which are then used to create printable products.

💡Licensing Terms

Licensing terms refer to the legal conditions under which AI-generated images can be used, especially for commercial purposes. The video emphasizes the importance of understanding these terms when using AI tools to create and sell printables, as they vary across different platforms.


Revenue is the income generated from the sale of products or services. The video discusses the potential revenue that can be earned from selling AI-created printables, citing examples of successful Etsy shops and their monthly earnings as motivation.

💡Passive Income

Passive income refers to earnings that are generated with little to no effort after an initial setup. The video highlights the appeal of selling digital printables as a means to achieve passive income since once created, they can be sold repeatedly without the need for additional physical production or shipping.


Discover the best AI tools to create and sell printables with the potential to earn thousands of dollars per month.

Printables are digital products that customers download and print themselves, resulting in high-profit margins and passive income.

After testing numerous platforms, four tools were identified for creating beautiful AI artwork and high-quality printables.

Learn how to tweak AI-generated printables to make them unique and competitive in the online market.

Etsy is a perfect marketplace for selling digital downloads and provides inspiration for what's selling well.

A shop on Etsy has made over 51,000 sales with landscape printable wall art in a vintage style, earning over $15,000 per month.

Another Etsy shop has made over 300,000 sales with a similar product, earning over $66,000 in revenue.

Kittl is an easy-to-use graphic design software with a new AI feature for creating various styles of images.

Kittl allows users to control the DPI for high-resolution downloads and make adjustments to the image.

Creative Fabrica offers graphics and fonts for digital products and has a feature called CF Spark for generating AI images.

NightCafe is a platform that allows free image generation and offers subscriptions for high-quality image upscaling.

Midjourney is a text-to-image generator that requires joining their Discord server to generate AI images.

ChatGPT provides ideas for types of planners that can be sold and details on what to include in them.

AI-generated images can be used commercially if you have a subscription, depending on the platform's terms of use.

Kittl and Creative Fabrica are recommended tools for creating printables, with free sign-up options available.

The video provides a comprehensive guide on how to create and sell AI-generated printables for profit.