7 May 202420:43

TLDRIn this video, Sarah from Creating with Sarah shares her process for planning the month of May in her A5 agenda life planner with a compact vertical weekly layout. She discusses her approach to organizing her dashboard, noting important events, celebrations, and expenses for the month. Sarah also prepares for her baby brother's wedding in Texas, her birthday, and Mother's Day, all while managing to balance family and personal commitments. She utilizes various stickers, particularly from the Aon Condrin brand, to decorate and plan her pages functionally. The video provides viewers with a glimpse into Sarah's personal planning style and offers tips for those interested in functional planning.


  • πŸ“… Planning for May is being done in an A5 agenda with a compact vertical weekly layout.
  • πŸŽ‰ The dashboard will feature important events and celebrations for May, including the planner's birthday.
  • πŸ’° Expenses for the month will be tracked, including both small and large expenditures.
  • 🏠 The planner is considering house projects and maintenance tasks that may incur costs.
  • πŸ“ Two line note pages are being used for different purposes: one for a wedding in Texas and another for birthday and Mother's Day planning.
  • πŸ‘° The planner is attending her baby brother's wedding in Texas, which is a significant event for May.
  • 🎈 For the wedding, a to-do list, packing list, and Texas plans are being prepared.
  • 🎁 There's a consideration of taking small gifts for the family members during the trip to Texas.
  • πŸ“ The planner is based in California, but all the family is in Texas, which influences the planning for events and visits.
  • 🎊 The birthday plans include a beach day and a Disney day with the husband.
  • πŸ“” Stickers from various brands, including Aaron Condrin and Liv Love Posh, are being used for decoration and planning purposes.

Q & A

  • What is the size of the agenda planner that Sarah is using in the video?

    -Sarah is using an A5 size agenda planner with a compact vertical weekly layout.

  • What are the two types of line note pages that Sarah mentions she has for each month in her planner?

    -Sarah mentions having two line note pages for each month: one before the dashboard and one right before the divider.

  • What is the main theme for Sarah's brother's wedding?

    -The main theme for Sarah's brother's wedding is a Texas boho theme with warm earthy tones.

  • What special event is Sarah planning for in May, aside from her brother's wedding?

    -Aside from her brother's wedding, Sarah is planning for her birthday, Beach day, and Mother's Day.

  • What does Sarah plan to use for her dashboard this month?

    -Sarah plans to use Aon Condrin stickers, especially the A5 ones, for her dashboard this month.

  • What does Sarah use the box on her dashboard for?

    -Sarah uses the box on her dashboard to note the top things happening during the month and any celebrations.

  • How does Sarah plan to use the expenses section on her dashboard?

    -Sarah uses the expenses section to record any extra spending during the month, both small and big expenses.

  • What is the purpose of the note pages that Sarah prepares for her birthday and Mother's Day?

    -The note pages are used for planning out birthday week plans and making some plans for Mother's Day, including potential gifts and activities.

  • What is Sarah's strategy for planning out her month in a functional way?

    -Sarah's strategy involves writing down her plans and events on a scratch sheet before transferring them onto her dashboard and monthly pages, focusing on functionality over decoration.

  • What is the significance of the 'recommit' event that Sarah mentions in the video?

    -The 'recommit' event refers to Sarah's intention to get baptized again as an adult to reaffirm her faith, which is planned for a Sunday.

  • How does Sarah decide on the stickers to use for her monthly planning?

    -Sarah decides on the stickers based on the theme and colors that match the events of the month, and she tries to use up her existing collection before purchasing new ones.



πŸ˜€ Introduction to May Planning

Sarah welcomes viewers back to her channel, 'Creating with Sarah,' and introduces the topic of planning for the month of May using her A5 agenda with a compact vertical weekly layout. She expresses surprise at how quickly the year is passing and invites viewers to follow along as she plans out her dashboard, monthly pages, and line note pages for May. She also mentions her intention to use Aon Condrin stickers and pens for decoration and planning.


πŸ“… May Monthly Planning and Stickers

Sarah details her approach to monthly planning, discussing how she uses her agenda to track important events, celebrations, highlights, and expenses. She talks about the two line note pages she has prepared for the month, one for her baby brother's wedding and the other for her birthday plans and Mother's Day. She also discusses her family being in Texas and her plans to see them during her trip.


πŸŽ‰ Wedding Prep and Monthly Events

In this paragraph, Sarah focuses on her preparations for her baby brother's wedding in Texas. She discusses creating a to-do list, a packing list, and plans for their time in Texas. She also talks about her own birthday, her plans for a beach day, and how she will be celebrating Mother's Day in Texas with her family. Sarah also shares her thought process on using stickers and decorations in her planner for the month.


🌟 Decorative Planning for Special Occasions

Sarah describes her process for decorating her planner for special occasions such as her birthday and Mother's Day. She discusses using various stickers from her collection, including those from the Happy Planner line and Liv Love Posh, to personalize her planner pages. She also talks about her plans to write out her dashboard side and organize her wedding prep using her planner.


🎈 Wrapping Up May Plans and Future Tips

Sarah concludes her video by summarizing the work she has done on her monthly planner, the two line note pages, and the dashboard. She shares her plans for her birthday weekend, which includes a Disney day and hanging out on her birthday. She also mentions that she will be using her planner to keep track of her plans and that she hopes viewers have gained some tips from her process.



πŸ’‘Life Planner

A life planner is a type of organizational tool used to manage personal schedules, tasks, and goals. In the video, Sarah uses an A5 agenda with a compact vertical weekly layout to plan out her month of May, highlighting its importance in keeping her life organized and functional.


In the context of the video, a dashboard in a life planner refers to the introductory pages where one can note down important reminders, highlights, and expenses for the month. Sarah plans to use the dashboard to jot down top events, celebrations, and expenditures, making it a central feature for monthly planning.


Stickers are decorative and functional elements often used in planners to mark dates, events, or to add a personal touch. Sarah mentions using 'Aon condrin stickers,' particularly the A5 size ones, to aid in her planning process, indicating their utility in both decoration and organization.

πŸ’‘Monthly Setup

The monthly setup in a life planner involves preparing the pages for the upcoming month, which includes noting down important dates, events, and setting goals. Sarah dedicates a section of her video to planning out May's monthly setup, emphasizing its role in her functional planning approach.

πŸ’‘Note Pages

Note pages in a planner are used for jotting down additional information, ideas, or lists that don't fit into the main planning sections. Sarah uses these for specific events like her baby brother's wedding, her birthday, and Mother's Day, demonstrating how note pages can be tailored for individual needs.

πŸ’‘Wedding Prep

Wedding prep refers to the planning and preparation activities leading up to a wedding. Sarah creates a dedicated section in her planner for her baby brother's wedding, including a to-do list and packing list, illustrating the use of a life planner in managing significant life events.

πŸ’‘Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a holiday honoring mothers and motherhood, often celebrated with gifts and family gatherings. Sarah discusses her plans for Mother's Day, noting that she'll be in Texas with her family, and uses her planner to organize potential gifts and activities, showing how the holiday is integrated into her monthly planning.


In the video, Sarah's birthday is an important personal event that she plans using her life planner. She creates a birthday spread and discusses plans for celebrating, including a beach day and a Disney day with her husband, highlighting the personalization aspect of life planning.


Expenses in the context of the video refer to the financial outlays Sarah tracks in her life planner. She uses a designated section of her dashboard to log both small and significant expenses, which helps her keep a tab on her spending habits throughout the month.

πŸ’‘Functional Planning

Functional planning is a method of organizing one's life planner with an emphasis on utility and efficiency. Sarah's approach to planning, as depicted in the video, focuses on the practical use of her planner to manage her schedule, events, and tasks in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly organized.


Customization involves personalizing a planner to suit an individual's specific needs and preferences. Sarah mentions customizing her planner by using various stickers and layouts that reflect her personal style and the themes of the events she's planning, such as her birthday and Mother's Day.


Sarah shares her process for planning out the month of May in her A5 agenda with a compact vertical weekly layout.

The video emphasizes the importance of planning for both personal and family events, such as a wedding and Mother's Day.

Sarah discusses her preference for using Aon Condrin stickers, especially the A5 size, for planning and decoration.

She mentions her method of taking pages out of the agenda for easy planning and to avoid mixing up pages.

Sarah's dashboard planning includes sections for top events, celebrations, highlights, and expenses for the month.

She uses her line note pages to plan for specific events, such as her brother's wedding and her birthday.

The video provides a glimpse into Sarah's personal life, including her move from Texas to California and her family connections.

Sarah creates a to-do list, packing list, and Texas plans for her brother's wedding trip.

She opts for a more functional planning approach for the May monthly page, focusing on events and tasks rather than decoration.

Sarah utilizes her planner to keep track of important dates, such as her birthday, Beach day, and Mother's Day.

She incorporates her children's school schedules and her own commitments into her monthly planning.

The video showcases Sarah's use of various stickers and planner accessories to enhance her planning experience.

Sarah demonstrates how she uses her planner for note-taking and brainstorming for upcoming events.

She shares her approach to decorating her planner pages with stickers that match the theme or season.

The video concludes with Sarah discussing her personal planner customization and her decision to use up existing stickers before purchasing new ones.

Sarah provides a voiceover wrap-up, reflecting on the planning process and her personal planner usage.

The video offers a comprehensive look at Sarah's functional planning method, from dashboard setup to detailed event planning.