Web App Design with Midjourney in Figma

17 Mar 202344:18

TLDRThe video script provides an in-depth guide to UI design, specifically for creating web app designs using Figma. It covers the fundamentals of UI patterns, color theory, typography, and the use of design software. The Figma design system is emphasized for its collaborative features and shared components. The course also explores the use of Chat GPT for content creation, the importance of pre-made icons and illustrations, and the application of SF Symbols. Interactive components and prototyping tools are discussed for streamlining the design process. The script guides viewers through creating a design system in Figma, including setting up a layout grid, wireframing, and adding detailed design elements like browser controls and card designs. It concludes with tips on using color and gradients effectively, applying textiles for typography, and organizing design elements for a cohesive look. The course is aimed at designers looking to enhance their skills in UI design and create professional-quality visuals for web applications.


  • 🎨 **UI Design Fundamentals**: The course covers essential UI patterns, color choices, typography, and hands-on experience with Figma for web app design.
  • πŸ“ **Figma Design System**: Utilizes a set of elements, styles, and rules to ensure consistency across a product, facilitating easier design and collaboration.
  • πŸ€– **Chat GPT**: A tool designed to assist in creating engaging content for various purposes like blog posts, articles, presentations, and social media.
  • πŸš€ **Midjourney**: A platform for creating visuals for web apps, teaching how to use its tools and features to generate effective photos and illustrations.
  • πŸ” **Interactive Components**: Enable rapid prototyping of interactions among variants, helping identify design issues and areas for improvement.
  • πŸ“± **Prototyping Tools**: Design tools allow for creating prototypes for app flows and interactions, providing functionality before coding begins.
  • πŸ“Έ **Screenshots for Promotion**: High-quality, visually appealing screenshots are crucial for showcasing apps on landing pages, app stores, and promotional materials.
  • πŸ“š **UI Patterns and Wireframing**: The script provides instructions for creating a web app wireframe using Figma, adhering to iOS design guidelines for a native look and feel.
  • 🌐 **Design Inspiration**: Websites like Hans and UIEight offer design patterns and wireframe templates to quickly start and develop app designs.
  • 🎨 **Color and Gradient Usage**: The course emphasizes the importance of using color and gradients effectively to create visually appealing and engaging designs.
  • πŸ“ **Typography and Textiles**: Typography is key in setting the mood and feel of an app, with Figma offering various fonts and the ability to create reusable text styles.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the course on UI design mentioned in the transcript?

    -The course on UI design aims to guide individuals from feeling overwhelmed by a blank screen to confidently creating web app designs. It covers UI patterns, color choices, typography, and hands-on experience with design software, ultimately enabling students to create a consistent design system and solve design problems.

  • How does the Figma design system benefit designers?

    -The Figma design system benefits designers by providing a set of elements, styles, and rules that ensure a product has a consistent look throughout. It facilitates easier designing, enables collaboration among team members, and streamlines the process of receiving feedback from stakeholders.

  • What is Chat GPT and how can it be used for content creation?

    -Chat GPT is a tool designed to assist in creating engaging content and titles. It can be used to generate content for various purposes, including blog posts, articles, presentations, and social media. It offers customization options to suit different needs and can make content more informative and interesting.

  • Why is it important to use pre-made icons and illustrations in the design process?

    -Pre-made icons and illustrations are important because they can speed up the design process. They allow designers to build on the expertise of others and ensure a consistent look and feel in the final product. Additionally, learning to customize these elements properly is crucial to make them fit the specific needs of the product.

  • What does the course teach about creating visuals for web apps using Midjourney?

    -The course teaches the basics of Midjourney, including its available tools and features. It focuses on how to generate effective photos and illustrations that communicate the intended message to the audience. By the end of the course, students will be able to create professional quality visuals that make their web design stand out.

  • How do interactive components help in the design process?

    -Interactive components allow for the quick creation and comparison of different design options by prototyping interactions among variants in a component set. This helps designers identify potential issues or areas for improvement, resulting in a more effective design. They streamline the workflow and create engaging user experiences.

  • What are the benefits of using a design tool for creating prototypes of app flows and interactions?

    -Using a design tool for prototyping provides more functionality for the app before coding begins, which helps in visualizing the end product more clearly. One of the main benefits is the ability to avoid overcomplicating the design file, leading to a clearer vision of the app's design and function, and saving time and effort in the long run.

  • How can screenshots be used to capture the audience's attention for an app?

    -Screenshots can be used to showcase the app in action, providing a visual representation that can be used for landing pages, app store submissions, presentations, and promotions. High-quality, visually appealing screenshots have the potential to convert potential users by giving them a glimpse of the user interface and experience.

  • What are some resources for finding UI inspiration and wireframe templates?

    -For UI inspiration, one might explore websites such as Hans, which showcases designs from top designers around the world. Additionally, sites like UI Eight and Figma Community offer design patterns and wireframe templates that can help save time and provide a quick start for the design process.

  • Why is it important to follow Apple's design guidelines when creating an iOS app?

    -Following Apple's design guidelines is important because these guidelines cover essential aspects such as color, typography, layout, and interaction. Adhering to these guidelines helps ensure that the app looks and feels like a native iOS app and provides a consistent user experience.

  • How does the use of a layout grid in Figma help in the design process?

    -A layout grid in Figma is a tool that aligns elements on a page or screen using horizontal and vertical lines. It creates a balanced and visually appealing design while maintaining consistent sizing and spacing between elements, which is crucial for a cohesive and professional-looking design.



🎨 UI Design Course Overview

This paragraph introduces a UI design course aimed at individuals interested in the field. The course covers UI patterns, color choices, typography, and hands-on experience with design software. It emphasizes the Figma design system's role in ensuring consistency across a product and facilitating collaboration among designers. Chat GPT is mentioned as a tool for creating engaging content, and SF Symbols are highlighted for creating visuals. The course also teaches how to use interactive components and design tools for prototyping, and the importance of showcasing apps with screenshots. Finally, it touches on UI patterns, wireframing, and following iOS design guidelines using Figma.


πŸ“ Creating a Layout Grid and Wireframe

The second paragraph explains how to add a layout grid in Figma for aligning elements. It then details the process of creating a wireframe, which is a basic outline of a design's structure and layout. The paragraph guides through adding a sidebar, search bar, segmented control, and main content section with specific measurements and color codes. It also covers adding browser controls for Mac, designing side menu elements, and creating buttons and separators within the menu.


πŸ–ŒοΈ Applying Color and Gradients

This section focuses on the use of color and gradients in design. It discusses the importance of neutral tones and how gradients can enhance a design. The paragraph provides a step-by-step guide on applying colors to browser controller elements, adding separators, and creating light reflections with gradient overlays. It also covers using the Stark plugin for verifying contrast ratios and creating an animated button prototype in Figma.


πŸ”  Typography and Text Elements

The fourth paragraph delves into typography, emphasizing its importance in app design. It mentions Figma's font options, including system fonts and Google fonts. The paragraph outlines how to create and apply textiles for text properties and how to use logos with custom kerning. It also provides instructions for adding a logo to a button, creating a side menu button with textile, and applying styles to ensure consistency across buttons.


πŸ“š Text and Icon Organization

The fifth paragraph discusses organizing text and icons in a design. It covers changing text properties, such as views and dates, and applying different text styles. The paragraph also introduces the use of SF Symbols for icons and how to replace symbols in a design. It guides on creating frames for icons, aligning them, and using the Unsplash plugin to insert high-quality images for avatars.


🏷️ Icon and Avatar Usage in Design

This section explores the significance of icons and avatars in modern design. It provides instructions for using a Figma library and plugins to incorporate icons and avatars into designs. The paragraph explains how to use the SF Symbols app to find and insert icons, as well as using the Unsplash plugin to source avatar images. It also touches on adding logos for visual appeal and the importance of icons and avatars in user experience.


πŸ€– Mid Journey AI Content Creation

The seventh paragraph introduces Mid Journey, an AI platform for creating high-quality digital content. It explains how to use the Mid Journey bot on Discord to generate custom images through text prompts. The paragraph details the process of using slash commands, monitoring trial time, and interacting with the image generation process. It also covers how to upscale images, make variations, and rate images on the Mid Journey platform.


🌟 Finalizing the Design with Effects and Components

The final paragraph concludes the design process by adding effects like layer blur and creating light reflections for a selected segmented control. It guides on adding a background with an ellipse, creating lines with specific colors and opacities, and grouping elements for organization. The paragraph also mentions the availability of further learning materials for supporters and subscribers and teases upcoming topics on organizing design elements, generating component variants, and designing interactive prototypes.



πŸ’‘UI design

UI design, which stands for User Interface design, is a critical aspect of web app development. It involves creating the visual elements and interactive features that users engage with on a digital platform. In the context of the video, UI design is the primary focus, with an emphasis on learning how to create a consistent design system and solve design challenges effectively.


Figma is a popular web-based design tool used for creating and collaborating on designs of different digital products. It is highlighted in the video as the software through which participants will gain hands-on experience. Figma's design system is also mentioned, which includes shared components, style guides, and teamwork tools that streamline the design process.


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible and appealing when displayed. In the video, it is discussed as one of the key elements of UI design, with the script mentioning the importance of choosing the right fonts and styles to enhance readability and the overall aesthetic of the web app design.

πŸ’‘Color choices

Color choices are a significant part of the design process, as they can influence the mood and usability of a web app. The script discusses how to use color effectively, including adhering to a color palette that aligns with the design theme and ensuring that colors used for buttons or important elements stand out.

πŸ’‘Interactive components

Interactive components are elements within a web app that allow users to interact with the interface, such as buttons, menus, and forms. The video emphasizes the importance of these components in creating an engaging user experience and how prototyping interactions can help identify design improvements.

πŸ’‘Mid Journey

Mid Journey refers to an AI platform mentioned in the script that assists in creating high-quality digital content. It is used as an example of how technology can be leveraged to generate visuals, like images and illustrations, that can enhance web app designs and make them stand out.

πŸ’‘Design patterns

Design patterns in the context of the video refer to common solutions that designers use to solve recurring design problems. The script provides insights into using established UI patterns and following design guidelines, such as those provided by Apple for iOS apps, to ensure consistency and a native look and feel.


Prototyping is a process where designers create a representation of the final product to test and refine its functionality. The video discusses using a design tool to create prototypes for app flows and interactions, which helps in visualizing the app's design and function before coding begins.

πŸ’‘SF Symbols

SF Symbols is a library of symbols and icons provided by Apple, which is mentioned in the video as a resource for designers. It is used within the course to create icons and illustrations that fit the design of the web app, emphasizing the importance of starting with pre-made elements and customizing them to suit the product.

πŸ’‘Chat GPT

Chat GPT, as mentioned in the script, is a tool designed to assist with content creation, such as blog posts, articles, presentations, and social media. It is positioned as a helpful resource for designers to generate engaging and informative content, which can be customized to fit various purposes.

πŸ’‘Contrast ratios

Contrast ratios are essential in design for ensuring that text and other elements are easily readable against their background. The video discusses using a plugin named Stark to verify contrast ratios, which is crucial for accessibility and user experience, particularly in the context of UI design.


This UI design course is tailored for individuals looking to gain confidence in web app design.

Learners will explore UI patterns, color choices, typography, and hands-on experience with Figma.

The Figma design system facilitates consistent product design and streamlined team collaboration.

Chat GPT is a versatile tool for creating engaging content across various platforms.

Pre-made icons and illustrations can accelerate the design process when customized effectively.

SF Symbols are utilized in the course to create great visuals for web apps.

Interactive components enable rapid prototyping and comparison of design options.

Prototyping tools offer functionality for app design before coding begins, preventing complications.

High-quality screenshots are crucial for showcasing apps on landing pages and the app store.

UI patterns and wireframing are essential for creating structured and inspired designs.

Following Apple's design guidelines ensures a native iOS app experience.

Figma files and desktop apps are used to create and manage design elements for a web app.

Layout grids help in aligning elements for a balanced and visually appealing design.

Customizing icons and illustrations to fit a product's identity is a key skill for designers.

Typography plays a significant role in the readability and mood of an app's design.

Figma's color system and plugins like Stark help in creating accessible and visually appealing designs.

Gradients can enhance a design's impression and are used for buttons, backgrounds, and text layers.

The course covers creating a consistent design system and solving design challenges effectively.

Mid Journey is an AI platform that simplifies the creation of high-quality digital content.

Using the Mid Journey bot on Discord allows for the creation of custom images through text prompts.