Mid Journey Tutorial

Joshua Lye
18 Jul 202211:10

TLDRThis tutorial introduces viewers to Mid Journey, a popular text-to-image model. The process begins with signing up for Discord and joining the Mid Journey beta program through the website. Users start with 25 free images and can subscribe to two membership types: one for $10/month with 200 images or another for unlimited personal use at $30/month. The platform operates within Discord, where users can create images by typing prompts followed by the '/imagine' command. The bot generates images, and users can upscale or create variations of their images. The Mid Journey website allows users to manage their subscription and track their generated images. The tutorial also discusses different parameters for image generation and encourages users to explore the detailed documentation for optimal results.


  • 📚 Mid Journey is a popular text-to-image model, alongside OpenAI's DALL-E model.
  • 💻 Access to Mid Journey is through Discord, requiring users to sign up and join the beta program.
  • 🎨 Users start with 25 free images and can subscribe for more, with options at $10 for 200 images or $30 for unlimited personal use.
  • 📝 The platform offers detailed documentation and FAQs to guide users on creating images and understanding the system.
  • 📱 The Mid Journey group is accessible in the Discord app's side panel after joining.
  • 📈 To create an image, users type a message prompt followed by the '/imagine' command in the Discord channel.
  • 🔍 Users can start a new thread to focus on their own image creations without distraction.
  • 🖼️ The 'u' and 'v' buttons allow users to upscale an image or create variations of it, respectively.
  • 💡 The '/info' command provides the remaining number of free images.
  • 🔗 Subscriptions can be managed through the Mid Journey website, which also keeps track of generated images and associated prompts.
  • ⚙️ Different GPU usage modes ('fast' and 'relaxed') are available depending on the subscription plan.
  • 📈 Image quality and style can be influenced by the level of detail in the prompt, with options like '4k', 'cyberpunk', and 'photorealistic'.

Q & A

  • What is Mid Journey?

    -Mid Journey is a popular text-to-image model that is used for generating images from textual prompts. It is one of the most developed models alongside OpenAI's DALL-E model.

  • How can one access Mid Journey?

    -To access Mid Journey, you need to sign up for Discord and then navigate to the Mid Journey website. There, you should click on the 'join beta' link to join the beta program.

  • What are the different membership options available for Mid Journey?

    -There are two types of memberships: a $10 USD per month membership that gives you 200 images, and a standard membership that offers unlimited personal use for $30 USD per month.

  • How does one start creating images with Mid Journey?

    -After signing up, you can navigate to the 'newbies' rooms on Discord. There, you can type in a message prompt followed by the command '/imagine' and then enter your text prompt to start generating images.

  • What does the 'slash info' command do in Mid Journey?

    -The 'slash info' command allows you to check how many free images you have left in your Mid Journey account.

  • How can one upscale or create variations of an image in Mid Journey?

    -To upscale an image, you use the 'u' command, and to create variations, you use the 'v' command followed by the image number you wish to vary.

  • What are the two GPU usage modes in Mid Journey?

    -The two GPU usage modes are 'fast' and 'relaxed'. 'Fast' gives you immediate GPU access, while 'relaxed' puts you in a queue behind other users.

  • How can users keep track of their generated images in Mid Journey?

    -Users can sign in to the Mid Journey website with their Discord account to view all the images they've generated, along with the prompts they used to create them.

  • What is the purpose of the documentation provided in Mid Journey?

    -The documentation provides detailed information on how to create images, frequently asked questions, and various parameters that can be used to customize the image generation process.

  • How does the image generation process work in Mid Journey?

    -The process involves entering a detailed text prompt, which dictates the style and content of the generated image. The more detailed the prompt, the more specific the resulting image will be.

  • What is the '/subscribe' command used for in Mid Journey?

    -The '/subscribe' command is used to access the subscription page where users can choose their preferred membership plan and provide payment details.

  • How can users find additional resources to improve their image generation with Mid Journey?

    -Users can refer to the detailed documentation and look for further resources, such as tutorials and guides, which can be found within the Mid Journey community or through external sources.



🚀 Introduction to Midjourney: Getting Started and Image Generation

This paragraph introduces the viewer to Midjourney, one of the most popular and developed text-to-image models currently available. The tutorial covers how to access Midjourney through Discord and begin generating images. It provides a brief background on Midjourney, mentions its popularity alongside OpenAI's DALL-E model, and shows example results. The process of signing up for Discord, navigating to the Midjourney website, joining the beta program, and accessing the platform through a Discord group is explained. The paragraph also outlines the initial 25 free images offer and the subscription options available for continued use.


📈 Image Creation and Subscription Management in Midjourney

The second paragraph delves into the process of creating images using Midjourney. It explains how to use the '/imagine' command in the Discord channel to generate images from text prompts. The viewer is shown how to start a new thread to keep track of their own image creations separately from others. It also covers how to upscale images, create variations, and save the final images. Additionally, the paragraph details how to check remaining free image credits using the '/info' command and how to subscribe to a membership plan for more images. The subscription process, including the different membership tiers and their respective benefits, is outlined. The paragraph concludes with information on managing subscriptions and the GPU usage options available to subscribers.


🎨 Customizing Image Parameters and Exploring Midjourney's Capabilities

The final paragraph focuses on the customization and parameter options within Midjourney for generating images. It emphasizes the importance of detailed prompts in determining the final output and mentions the ability to specify qualities like lighting. The paragraph encourages viewers to explore the documentation for a deeper understanding of the platform's capabilities. It also provides resources for learning how to achieve the best image results in Midjourney. The tutorial concludes with a thank you note and an anticipation for the next interaction.



💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is a text-to-image model that is currently one of the most popular and developed models in its category, alongside OpenAI's DALL-E model. It is used to generate images from textual prompts. In the video, the process of accessing and using Mid Journey to create images is explained, making it a central theme of the tutorial.


Discord is a communication platform where Mid Journey operates. Users sign up for Discord to access the Mid Journey platform. It is the primary means of interaction with the Mid Journey community and the service through which users can generate images, as illustrated by the script where the user is guided to navigate to the Mid Journey website from Discord.

💡Text-to-Image Prompts

Text-to-image prompts are the textual descriptions given by users to the Mid Journey model to generate corresponding images. These prompts are a crucial part of the image generation process and are detailed in the script with examples such as 'wooden facade in high-density city with CLT timber angular elements'.

💡Image Generation

Image generation refers to the process by which Mid Journey creates images based on the provided text prompts. It is the main functionality of Mid Journey and is demonstrated in the video script where the user is shown how to input prompts and receive generated images in return.

💡Beta Program

The beta program is a testing phase for Mid Journey where users can try out the service before it is fully released. In the script, the user is guided to join the beta program to start using Mid Journey, indicating that it is a current stage in the development and accessibility of the model.


A subscription is a payment plan that users can sign up for to continue using Mid Journey after their initial free images are used up. The script explains the two types of memberships available: a $10 per month plan for 200 images and a standard plan for unlimited personal use at $30 per month.


Channels on Discord are used for different purposes within the Mid Journey community. They include sections for announcements, server issues, rules, and questions. The script describes how these channels are used to communicate important information and facilitate user interaction.


Documentation is a set of detailed instructions and explanations on how to use Mid Journey effectively. The script mentions that there is a Google document with Mid Journey documentation that users can refer to for a deeper understanding of the platform's capabilities and frequently asked questions.

💡Newbies Rooms

Newbies Rooms are Discord channels specifically for new users to Mid Journey. The script describes these rooms as places where new users can observe others creating images and start experimenting with generating their own, making it an essential part of the onboarding process.

💡Upscale and Variations

Upscale and variations are features within Mid Journey that allow users to refine their generated images. Upscaling improves the resolution of an image, while variations create different versions of the same image based on the original prompt. The script demonstrates how to use these features with the 'u' and 'v' commands.

💡GPU Usage

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) usage refers to the computational resources allocated to users for image generation. The script explains that there are two modes: 'fast' which provides immediate GPU access, and 'relaxed' which places users in a queue. Different subscription plans offer different amounts of GPU time per month.


Mid Journey is a popular text-to-image model developed alongside OpenAI's DALL-E model.

The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to access and use Mid Journey for image generation.

Mid Journey is accessible through Discord and offers a user-friendly interface for generating images.

New users receive 25 free images to start with and can subscribe for more.

There are two subscription options: $10 per month for 200 images or $30 for unlimited personal use.

Users can navigate to different channels on Discord for announcements, server issues, and FAQs.

The Mid Journey documentation provides detailed instructions on creating images and understanding parameters.

To generate an image, users type a prompt followed by the '/imagine' command in the chat.

The Mid Journey bot starts creating the image immediately and updates the progress with a percentage sign.

Users can create a new thread to focus on their own image generation process.

The 'U' command upscales an image, while 'V' creates variations based on the chosen image.

Images can be saved once they're finished and opened via a link.

Subscriptions can be managed through the Mid Journey website, which also tracks all generated images.

Different GPU usage options are available with the subscription, such as 'Fast' for immediate processing or 'Relaxed' for a queue.

The level of detail in the prompt significantly influences the final image generated by Mid Journey.

The tutorial encourages users to explore the documentation and additional resources for optimizing their image generation.

Mid Journey offers a seamless experience for users to generate high-quality images from text prompts.